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Enabling Kounta Insights


Kounta Insights gives savvy hospitality operators like you all the data you could ever need (in one place) to make fast, informed, revenue generating decisions.

Discover new perspectives on your data and access powerful filtering, visualisation and broadcasting features.




Enable Kounta Insights

If you don't know which plan is best for you then have a look at our page on Kounta Pricing Plans or, simply schedule a time to talk with an expert.

Note - If you manage multiple sites, you have the option to upgrade each site to any of the paid Kounta Insights plan, individually.

1. Head to the Subscriptions page

2. Select the site you wish to add the Insights product to



3. Select Try Insights, select the plan you need and you are good to go.



4. Success




Now that you've enabled Kounta Insights, it is time to give it an explore - we have a guide on Getting around Kounta Insights to help you do just that.

Looking for how to send, share & schedule your reports? We have a guide for that too.


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