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Log in to your Lightspeed account


If you're stuck and need help logging into Lightspeed then this guide is here to help, especially if you are having trouble logging in to a new or old account.


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Logging into Lightspeed
Incorrect Password?
Frequently Asked Questions


Logging into Lightspeed 

Once you have created your account with Lightspeed, you can login via web browser - simply head over to You can also log in through the Point of Sale app on your chosen POS device.



Incorrect Password?

If you have forgotten your password then simply select Forgot Password.

This will prompt you for your email address.



After which, you will receive an email from Lightspeed to reset your password. Select Reset Your Password





Frequently Asked Questions


Help! My email address is wrong.

This is a tricky one. Almost everyone has multiple email addresses these days & sometimes it is a business partner or friend who created your account with Lightspeed. 

Think back and try to recall if you have changed your email on your Lightspeed . It's also possible that someone else has done this without informing you (e.g. one of your staff or even your kids- you know how kids are with iPads.)

You will need to know the email address used for your account. 


My browser isn't loading Lightspeed 

There are lots of different internet browsers out there - but for the best performance, we recommend Chrome or Safari.

If you are still using Internet Explorer you should 100% look at upgrading.


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