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Welcome to Lightspeed Insights

Decisions don’t have to be a guess based on instinct or an hour long mission to piece together data (wherever it may be).

Insights lets you quickly see your data in one place so you can make decisions faster and more confidently than ever - without the manual effort.




Always have a view of the metrics that matter and drill-down to dig deep into your data and find new ways to grow.

Perspectives that previously would have been difficult and time-consuming to find are now accessible in just seconds.


Explore Drilldowns

Whether it's at a site, staff or product level, if you see a number of interest on any report, quickly click through to see what's going on.


Apply Filters

Powerful filters let you narrow down or open up your dataset - select specific sites, staff, products and time frames.

Access all of your historical data in Insights to identify seasonal trends and plan for the year ahead.


Access a Library of Pre-Built Dashboards

See your key metrics at a glance - and don’t waste a minute building the reports you depend on - with a library of essential reports and dashboards.


Access Real-Time Data on the Go

Stay on top of your business from anywhere in the world. The ‘Insights Live’ mobile app is now available on Android and iOS! Get access to real-time sales data that refreshes in seconds, compare your present numbers with automatically calculated benchmarks, view trends in your data, and much more.


Share Insights

Keep your board, business partners, and staff in the know with scheduled reports that contain easy to read visualisations of your data. Send them weekly, monthly, or whenever you need.


Keep Growing

As you grow, so will Insights. Find new reports and dashboards added to Insights regularly, giving you new perspectives and the right data to make the right call, fast.





If you have not yet subscribed to Insights, then our guide can walk you through the steps to get you started.

If you're already subscribed to Insights, it is time to give it an explore - we have a guide on Getting around Insights to help you do just that.

Looking for how to send, share & schedule your reports? We have a guide for that too.


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