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Table Service with Lightspeed


If your venue has table service - then  Tables is going to make your workflow a breeze.


Quickly seat guests on arrival, know the status of each table, and modify your layout on the fly.


The Tables add-on ensures your customers always receive superior service - while improving turnover & sales.





Quickly seat guests on arrival and know the colour coded status of each table at a glance.


You can enable the tables layout as your main sales screen on any of your registers or simply select tables from the top right of the POS screen.


Keep wait times short

Quickly see all of your sections and available tables at a glance to seat guests faster.


Take an Order


1. Select the table that you are seating your guests at

And, if prompted, enter the number of covers


2. This will open up the sales screen where you can start entering in their order

The table number and number of guests will be automatically applied as the order note on the order


3. Then, simply send the order to be made


The Tables screen can also show you which stage an order is at;

 - The table we’ve just seated is blue - its open but no orders made so far

 - Once a table has ordered the table turns green

 - If the table has been left alone for 20 or more minutes it will turn red

- A 'Blue addition symbol' connected to a table indicates that the order is open on another register. Editing orders on multiple registers simultaneously should be avoided as it can cause issues with printing and order management.

 - Finally, once a subtotal (or bill) for a table has been printed, the table will turn orange


Prefer to see your orders in a list with the Status & times then switch over to list view and filter by any column


Split an order


1. Splitting orders on a table are the same as splitting orders normally

If you need to split an order by menu item - Before you open the order, select Split from the left-hand side


2. Select the table you wish to split and select the items to split into a separate order


3. Then, check out like normal


Merge two orders


1. If you need to merge two orders, select merge


2. And then drag the table onto the table you wish to merge it with


3. Select either individual products or the whole order to merge


What's my next step?


Did you know that you can change the layout of your POS? Customising your POS layout will help your staff and/or customers to navigate through your menu with greater ease.  Give it a try.


Need to adjust the workflow of your register? Configure your register-specific settings to help your staff navigate more efficiently through your POS. 


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