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Adding your suppliers


Stay on top of stock management by keeping your supplier contact details in one place.


Easily send purchase orders via email from one interface. Keep purchase orders visible for easy reference and tracking.


This guide will cover how to add suppliers’ details to your Lightspeed.




What’s in this guide?


Add your suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions



Add your suppliers

1. From the People page at the Back Office, select


2. Select Add a new supplier



3. Enter supplier details and select Add Supplier



4. You can add or edit supplier details by heading over to Suppliers and selecting the cogwheel beside the supplier name



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I add suppliers in bulk through CSV?

Not yet - for now, can enter supplier details through the Suppliers Page in Back Office.


Can I save multiple numbers or emails per supplier?

Supplier details, primarily the email, are used as the contact point for sending purchase orders and, for syncing to integrated accounting platforms.

If needed, you can add multiple contacts under one supplier into the Suppliers page. However, being separate points of contact, they would be organised as different entries.


Do I need to add suppliers to be able to send purchase orders?

Before you can send a purchase order through Purchase, you would need to select from your list of suppliers which are added from the Back Office with the above steps. 



What's my next step?


To save time in sending your purchase ordersyou can also assign your suppliers to products/stock.


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