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Enable DHCP on Epson Printers - iOS devices

Enable DHCP on Epson Printers - iOS devices


You may have hit a snag when setting up your printers and are seeing that your printer has DHCP disabled, and possibly an IP address of This will cause some problems when trying to set up your printers, so this guide will walk you through the steps to re-enable DHCP and have them ready to connect to your Lightspeed POS.


Previously, this was a job that required a laptop or desktop. But if you have any device running on Apple’s iOS 11, you can just use that device. It’s simple, easy, and best of all, no need to beg, borrow, or steal a computer with an ethernet plug.


Pro TipIf you need to re-enable DHCP on any Epson Intelligent Printer or Epson TM-M30 Printer - simply perform a factory reset on the printer as those models default back to DHCP enabled.



What's in this guide?

Before you begin
What is DHCP
Confirm DHCP Status
Enable DHCP
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin


You would need:

  • Epson Printer (Non-intelligent model) - loaded with paper, plugged into the power source, and connected to the modem router via Ethernet cable
  • Mobile device - device with at least iOS 11. This should be connected via wifi to the same router where your printer is connected.
  • Google Chrome or Safari web browser


What is DHCP


In the simplest terms, DHCP is a protocol which allows a device such as your printer to get an IP address from your modem/router. When this is disabled, the printer is hard-coded with a default IP which is typically not compatible with your network, and if your local network can’t talk to your printer, then neither can Lightspeed.


Confirm DHCP Status


1. To confirm that the DHCP is disabled, press and hold the small pinhole button at the back of the printer for 3 seconds - you can do this real quick with a pen



2. The printer will print a Status Sheet with the IP Address and settings on it. The IP Address that prints out should be like the examples below.

Older generation Epson non-intelligent printer:


Newer generation Epson non-intelligent printer:



Note - If the address is NOT but you need to proceed with these steps, hold down the reset button for 10 whole seconds to factory reset your printer.



Enable DHCP


To configure your printer with an IP address that is compatible with your network, we will first need to make a temporary change to your computer's network setting.

1. Make sure that you are connected via wifi to the same router where your printer is connected
2. Under Settings, select Wi-Fi
3. Select the ‘i’ icon beside your current wifi connection



4. You will be taken to the further settings for the selected network. Take note of the number under Router - you will need this later.

5. Select Configure IP



6. On the Configuration page, select Manual

7. Fill in the following fields.
IP Address: (This is not a typo, the IP needs to end in .167)
Router: <fill in with the numbers from Step 4>
After you've configured the above, hit save in the top right hand corner.


Note - When you are done with the settings in this guide, change the above setting back to Automatic to restore your original settings to restore your original settings


8. Now, we will access the Printer settings via browser. Open your Google Chrome or Safari browser and navigate to (enter this on the address bar). This will open the printer configuration page.

Note - On newer generation Epson printers you will be presented with the following screen - Select Advanced followed by Proceed to (Otherwise please move to the next step)



If you see a login prompt, fill in the fields like so:

For older Epson printers the login will be: 

Username: epson
Password: epson

For newer Epson printers the login will be: 
Username: epson
Password: printers serial number which is located on the sticker of the printer


9. Next, under the configuration menu, select TCP/IP
10. Change the Get IP Address setting to Auto, and select Submit

Older generation Epson non-intelligent printer:



Newer generation Epson non-intelligent printer:



11. You will see a message on your screen confirming your changes - select Reset/Send.
12. Your printer will reboot. After 10 seconds you can turn off and disconnect the printer.
13. Remember to restore your original network settings as mentioned above


Frequently Asked Questions


Will this work for all mobile devices and routers?

You’ll need a mobile device with at least iOS 11 for this to work.

You can also enable DHCP via Windows or Mac and take the router out of the picture entirely.

If you experience any further hiccups, we’re here for you - please feel free to get in touch.


What's my next step?


Did this process work for you? This is a fairly new workaround. We’d love to hear about your experience. If this did not work for your device, you may need to enable DHCP using a PC or Mac.


Once you have enabled DHCP, you can continue to set up your Epson Printer.


Not sure of what printer setup you should be using? You can refer to our guide on Lightspeed App Printing vs Intelligent Printing.


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