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Adding a logo to customer receipts


We often get asked how to add custom logo's to print at the top (or bottom) of customer receipts/invoices. Since our friends at Epson released the Epson TM Utility app for iOS and Android this is now not only doable but very easy.


Support Note - This feature is provided by Epson directly through the Epson TM Utility and not a native Lightspeed O-Series function. This is provided solely as guidance, O-Series does not officially support the printing of logos.




What's in this guide?

Before you begin

Download the Epson TM Utility app

Upload your logo to the printer




Before you begin


Currently, Lightspeed does not natively support adding logos to receipts. However, most supported printers for both iOS and Android running Lightspeed can add logos via the Epson TM Utility.

Currently, this is only possible from an iOS or Android device, and any compatible Epson TM printer.

You will need to make sure that your iOS or Android device is on the same network as your printers, and that your printers are set up correctly.


Download the Epson TM Utility from the App Store



Download the Epson TM Utility from the Play Store



It is important to note that this will add the logo to every docket that prints from the printer - so you will want to make sure that you only add this logo to a dedicated receipt printer and not the one used to print production dockets.


Download the Epson TM Utility app


1. Open up the app store on your iOS device and search for Epson TM Utility, and download.



2. Once the app has downloaded, open it and select your printer by following the prompt in the blue bar along the top of the app.



3. Select your printer from the list of all found & supported printers.



4. Your printer is now selected




Upload your logo to the printer


1. Select Change Printer Settings



2. Select Storing Logos



3. Upload your image by selecting Add, then OK to confirm editing (saving) the logo




4. Select Store to Printer



5. You will receive a prompt to confirm the upload. Uploading an image will remove any images previously stored. While this may take a while to complete, ensuring that your logos are a reasonable size will reduce the time this step takes.



6. Remember your logo number, then select Print from the bottom of the page



7. You will now be able to add your logo number to either the start (header) or end (footer) of each receipt. Simply select the relevant field and enter your logo number numerically



8. Test print a receipt by selecting Print



Congratulations, you are all done!


Frequently asked questions


Can I upload a separate start and end logo?

Yes, you can. But you will need to upload them at the same time so as to not override them when saving the images to the printer.


Can add my logo on a WIndows device?

The steps described above utilise the simple functionality of the TM Utility App - as of writing this guide, we are unaware of a similar app available on Windows.


If you have not yet added your printers to Lightspeed , then you'll want to start there. Follow through with our guide on choosing the best printer setup for your business.









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