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Setting up Guest Tracking


Collect important information about how many guests are visiting your store then see what their average spend is! This provides valuable information about what is most important to grow your business. Is it improving your average spend per guest? Increasing traffic to your store? Or a bit of both?

This information is also useful for your service staff so they're aware of how many guests are part of each order, particularly valuable for restaurants.



What's in this guide?


Enable Guest Tracking

Guest Tracking with Table Service

Edit Guest Count or Guest Tracking without Table Service

Guests Report

Frequently Asked Questions


Enable Guest Tracking


1. From the Add-ons Page in Back Office, find the Guest Tracking Add-on.



2. Enable this Add-on by clicking on the orange Enable Guest Tracking button



Guest Tracking with Table Service


Use Guest Count with Tables and receive a quick prompt to enter your guest count every time you open a new table - no more forgetting!


1. Select the table where the customers will be seated and enter the guest count. Too easy.




Edit Guest Count or Guest Tracking without Table Service


From the POS sales screen simply select the Order Note icon and the Guest Count will be available to edit below the Order Note.



Note - You’ll only be able to enter/edit the number of guests up until the order is checked out and paid for.
Note - the elegant & power-saving dark mode is now available on POS. Check out this guide on how you can activate it.

Guests Report


You can start reporting on average spend per head, or pair with the Tables add-on and track your dine-in vs take away orders (Sales with Guests vs Sales without Guests).


1. From Reports in Back Office, select Guests



2. You can filter the results by time frame, site, or register



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set up an automatic prompt for staff to key in guest count?

Partner your Guest Tracking with Tables for a prompt every table you open. Make your Tables screen your POS screen default (Register-Specific Workflow Settings) for an even faster order taking experience.


How do I change the guest count?

The Guest Count is stored next to the Order Note on the POS. You can edit this field right up until the order is checked out and paid.


What's my next step?


Most of our customers who use Guest Tracking also use Tables to streamline their table service.

If you need to manage different courses & timings with the kitchen, then you might need to look at  Courses add-on.

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