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Setting up Lightspeed Bump Screen (powered by Bump-it)

Don't want to be losing dockets? Save yourself time, money and paper with Lightspeed Bump Screen powered by Bump-It. 

With Lightspeed Bump Screen, you can turn any device into a digital bump screen and sync it with Lightspeed. This helps streamline workflows and is perfect for any kitchen - big or small. 

In addition to this, you can tailor bump screens to different zones within a venue, cross orders, bump dockets and even be alerted when customers have waited too long. 

Sold? Great. Enable Lightspeed Bump Screen on the Back Office and find out how everything works in this guide. If not, keep reading and you might find out the answers to some of your burning questions. 



What's In This Guide?


Before You Begin 

Before you begin, you'll need:


Enable Lightspeed Bump Screen

  1. Go to Lightspeed Bump Screen by Bump-It in the Integrations section of Lightspeed Back Office, and hit Enable.
  2. Once you've enabled Lightspeed Bump Screen, you'll be taken to Bump-it's website. 
  3. Create your account. 
  4. After you've created your account, you'll see this page asking you to link your Lightspeed account (POS). Select Link New Account.                                                                                                                                                            mceclip0.png  
  5. You'll then see this dialogue box. Select your company and "Grant Access".       Authorisation.png                                                                                                                                                  
  6.  Your company, sites and product information will be synced over to Lightspeed Bump Screen.                                        mceclip0.png  
  7. Once this is done, head back to the app and you'll see your site/s uploaded to Lightspeed Bump Screen. You can now select the site you wish to configure.                                                                                                                                                              mceclip2.png


Set Up Filters, Devices, and Screens

Now, we'll set up filters, devices and screens. Here's a quick glossary:

  • Filters - A filter has specific products. 
    • E.g. A filter for the kitchen.
    • E.g. A filter for the bar. 
    • E.g. A filter for the barista.
  • Devices - Android, iOS devices or PCs. 
  • Screens - These are the actual screens you'll be using. They are:
    • Bump screens - These are screens used to cross out orders and bump dockets. 
    • Pass screens - These are screens that copy what comes to pass. If one station needs to see what orders are appearing on another bump screen, this is useful. 

You'll first need to create a view, the device the view is to be loaded on and then its screen. You'll need to repeat this process for multiple views. 


Setting Up Filters

  1. Go to Settings > "Filters"                                                                                                                                              mceclip3.png   
  2. Add a new filter.
  3. Under "Screen", you can choose:
    • The name of the filter.
    • The number of dockets you want to be displayed on bump screens and pass screens. 
    • Displaying long dockets on bump screens and pass screens. 
    • To show categories in the Statistics Dashboard.
    • To mute notification sound
    • To group items shown on dockets (eg category, course or none)                                                          mceclip5.png   
  4. Under "Alerts", you can determine your filter alerts:
    • Minutes to the first alert
    • Minutes to the second alert
    • Minutes to held alert mceclip6.png                
  5. Under "Mobile Ordering", you can select your filter pre-order delay:
    • Mobile ordering pre-order delay (Minutes) 
      Example: If an order is sent to your Lightspeed Bumpscreen at 3:00pm, and it's due for pickup at 3:30pm and your pre-order delay is set to 10 minutes, the order will display on the Lightspeed Bumpscreen at 3:20pm which is 10 minutes prior to the pickup time.
      If no pre-order delay is set, the docket will display on the Bumpscreen at the pickup time.
      Note that the pre-order delay setting only affects orders with a scheduled time. 

      Note: These settings only apply to Online Orders (Lightspeed Ordering, Lightspeed Delivery, Mr Yum, etc). Normal orders taken at the POS are not affected.     

    • Additional pre-order delay per docket (Seconds) 
      Note: The additional pre order delay increases the buffer in relation to how many orders you have on the screen. This allows you to see online orders earlier, giving you more time to prepare the order during peak periods.  These settings only apply to Online Orders(Lightspeed Ordering, Lightspeed Delivery, Mr Yum, etc). Normal orders taken at the POS are not affected.                                                                         mceclip7.png

  6. Under "Products", you can select products specific to your filter.mceclip8.png
  7. Under "Registers", you can select the register to show dockets from.mceclip9.png
  8. Under "Order Types", you can select the order types to show dockets from.mceclip11.png


Setting Up Devices

Once you've configured a filter, you can set it up for a particular device. 
Note: Each device profile needs to be created on the actual device that will be the bump screen or pass screen.

  1. Head over to "Device" from the Sites tab.                                                                                                                                            mceclip12.png  
  2.  "Add Current Device".                                                                                                                                            mceclip13.png  
  3. Under "Details" name your device and select which type of screen it will be. This can be either a bump screen or pass screen.                                                                                                                                          mceclip14.png


  4. Configure your device's settings. Here are a couple of options:
    • Hold - You can hold dockets to the side and see how long they've been put on hold for. This is particularly useful for courses. 
    • Bump - When a docket's bumped, it's completed and ready to go to the pass.
    • (Combining dockets on the bump screen. This is useful for courses and can be found in the Settings button). 
    • Undo - No longer want to combine dockets? You can undo this. 
    • Batch - You can cook items by batch (E.g. Rice) and then tick them off from multiple orders.
    • Independent Bumping - Bump products from one screen without bumping that item on another screen
  5. Under "SMS" you can enable SMS notificationmceclip15.png
  6. Under "Printing" you can add a printer for your devicemceclip16.png
  7. Once done,  Save and "Return to Home Menu".                                


Opening Screens

It's now time to load Lightspeed Bump Screen on your device. 

  1. Log in to Lightspeed Bump Screen or download it from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to the Sites tab and Select "Go to bump screen".                                                                                                                                          mceclip17.png 
  3. Click the change filter menu and select your filter. In this screenshot, you'll see that we have Kitchen as our selected filter.
    mceclip18.png                                                                                                  mceclip19.png                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  4. If you wish to go back to the main menu, click "hamburger" and select "Back Office"               mceclip21.png



In the Statistics Dashboard, you can see: 

  • Peak trading hours for your site/s.
  • How your site/s perform. 
  • How your categories perform. 
  • The average amount of time it takes to prepare orders. 
  • Most sold and least sold items. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I have changed devices. What do I do?

Remove the screen from your existing device and add it to your new one. 


Who can I contact for support?

You can contact your friendly account manager, reach out to Lightspeed's support team via the "Help and Support" section, or send a message to Bump-it. 


Can I un-bump individual products from a bumped order?

It is not currently possible to bring back a product from a bumped order. You can "un-bump" the whole order on the screen, but you can not bring back an individual item from a bumped order. 



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