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Setting Up Lightspeed Ordering

Lightspeed Ordering, powered by Bopple, is an online ordering platform that lets your customers order and pay using their mobile devices. You can manage all your pick-ups, table service orders and deliveries in one place and see your profits skyrocket.

Read on to set up Lightspeed Ordering, upload your menu and manage orders from the POS.


What's In This Guide?

Enabling Lightspeed Ordering | 1 minute
Create Lightspeed Ordering login and connect account | 1 minute
Choose your Profile Branding | 2 minutes

Import your Menu | 1 minute
Assign Subcategories to Categories | 1 minute
Manage Fulfilment options | 5 minutes

Connect Stripe | 5 minutes
Go Online | 1 minute

Sync Products | 1 minute

Customise online menu | 5 minutes

Place test orders | 1 minute
Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Begin 

You'll need:

  • A Lightspeed POS plan and a Lightspeed Ordering plan
  • To have uploaded your menu on Lightspeed Back Office
  • A Stripe account (you can create this during the setup steps below)
  • A printer or method to print QR codes

Enabling Lightspeed Ordering

Lightspeed Ordering is an integration that connects to your Lightspeed POS. The journey begins in your Back Office. Let’s go!

  1. Head over to Integrations on the Lightspeed Back Office and search for Lightspeed Ordering. Or use this handy link to take you there:     
  2. Hit Enable and you will then be redirected to the Bopple Login page where you can sign up and create your account using the steps below.


Create Lightspeed Ordering login and connect account

Lightspeed Ordering is powered by Bopple, so you’ll need to create a login and provide account details to Bopple. Additionally, this is the step where you’ll connect the two platforms.

Important - Ensure you’re still logged into your Lightspeed Back Office before starting this step. For the smoothest experience, it’s recommended that you’ve already filled in your Address, Website, Phone number, and Logo in your Lightspeed Site Information. 

  1. From the Bopple Log in page, hit Create an account
  2. On the Create your Bopple business account page, fill in your Name, Phone Number, Email and create a password, and hit Continue
  3. On the Help us personalise the setup experience page, fill in the following information: Use Bopple with POS - Lightspeed, Role, Reason, Stores Lightspeed_ORdering_Create_Account.png
  4. Hit Connect with Lightspeed and you’ll be taken to the Lightspeed Portal 
  5. Hit Grant Access to authorise access to your company. You’ll be back to the Bopple sign up
  6. Select the Lightspeed Site you want to connect with Bopple, and hit Continue. If you have multiple sites, open the drop-down menu to select the site
  7. Fill in the following details on the Tell customers about [Site Name] page to set up your account details that your customers can see:
  • Store Description
  • Categories* 
  • Website 
  • Phone Number

*These cuisine categories surface on your menu and help your SEO ranking.

8. Hit Finish and you’ll be taken into the Lightspeed Ordering Back Office


Launch Checklist

The rest of the set-up will be guided by the Launch Checklist in Lightspeed Ordering’s Back Office. You can access this at any time by hitting the Rocket icon on the bottom-left. 

Choose your Profile Branding

With Lightspeed Ordering’s customisable profile branding settings, you can set the look and feel of your store.

  1. Fill in ABN/Tax number (if in NZ). By adding your ABN/Tax Number you will be providing your customers valid receipts that they can choose to claim on tax. 
  2. Add Cover image*
  3. Add Store card image* 
    Pro Tip - Got the perfect image but it doesn’t fit to size? You can use the ResizePixel Chrome extension to resize, crop, optimise, or convert your images into JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, or WebP formats. 

    *You can see the full specs for the image sizing from the How do I add my logos and branding? guide. 
  4. Add Logo
  5. Choose Brand colourScreen_Shot_2021-10-19_at_11.45.40_am.png

Personalise Storefront URL

You don’t need to be a developer to set a personalised URL for your store. Customise your URL to align with your brand. 

Note - The store URL can only be set once, and must be related to your store name. 
  1. Next to Storefront URL, click Change URL
  2. Enter your desired URL, hit Save

Personalise_Storefront_URL.gifIf you have navigated away from the Launch checklist, or want to set your URL at a later date, you can access it here:

  1. From Ordering Back Office, select Store Settings from the navigation panel on the left
  2. Select Profile & Branding
  3. Scroll down to Storefront URL and follow the steps above.

Import your Menu

As you have already built your products in Lightspeed Back Office, here is where you get to see the magic happen!

Part of the magic of importing your products from Lightspeed is that products will sync across with the relevant Option Sets attached, as well product images, and any customer-friendly names you have added to Lightspeed Online Products (see Customise online menu below for how to set this up and choose which products you want to surface online).

Syncing your products is one click away.

  1. Select Import menu from LightspeedScreen_Shot_2021-10-19_at_12.02.21_pm.png

If you have navigated away from the Launch checklist and cannot see the Import menu from Lightspeed, hit the Rocket in the bottom right to take you there.

Assign Subcategories to Categories

Here you will learn how to organise your menu with categories. This is important for positioning how products show on your online menu. By default, your products will sync across and land in the Misc category. Your products will be housed in subcategories.

Note - if you’d like to maintain the category order you have set out in Online products, keep them all in the Misc tab. 

Move subcategories to Food / Drink categories:

  1. Select Menu from the navigation bar, select Categories
  2. Choose the Misc tab
  3. To the right of each subcategory, hit Move to drinks or Move to Food as appropriate.


Manage Fulfilment options

Fulfilment options let you choose how customers can order. The options are Pick-up, Dine-in, and Delivery.

🚶 Pick-up: Serve more customers who are on the go with Lightspeed Ordering’s contactless ordering and checkout experience. Place your QR code in the window and turn foot traffic into grab-and-go sales.

🍽️  Dine-in: QR codes make table ordering and serving effortless. Put the power in the customers’ hands: they use their own device to view your online menu, they pay upfront for their orders, and order at their own cadence without having to wait for a staff member to ask, What can I get you?

🛵  Delivery: If you offer in-house delivery, you can manage delivery orders without turning to a third party. Advertise your menu online and let customers order from the comfort of their own homes.

  1. Hit Edit fulfilment options
  2. Switch ON Pick-up, Dine-in, and Delivery ordering, as necessary


If you navigate away from the Launch checklist you can access your Fulfilment options settings by going to Store Settings > Fulfilment.

Download and print QR codes for my tables

If you have switched ON Dine-in ordering, the best practice is to generate a QR code per table. To set this up during the Launch Checklist:

  1. Once Dine-in has been switched ON, from the information box click the hyperlink: Download and print QR codes for my tables.
  2. Click the checkbox Generate a QR code for each table
  3. Enter your table numbers, do this one at a time
  4. Hit Print or Download as appropriate


If you have navigated away from the Launch checklist, you can access the QR Code Generator from Dashboard > Share your store > QR code generator.

Set Minimum order value

If you’re likely to get slammed with sales, you can use minimum order types to your advantage. Rather than seeing your rails fill up with low-value dockets, such as 1 x flat white, $3.50, set a minimum order value to just above that to prompt customers to order a pastry too.

  1. Hit Edit fulfilment options
  2. Next to the fulfilment option, enter the minimum order value
  3. Click away to save

Set Pick-up/ Delivery availability

Want to remain open for dine-in all day, but only open for delivery in the afternoon? Availability is the key to get this sorted.

By default, pick-up orders can be fulfilled during your venue's trading hours. To change this:

  1. From Store Settings, select Fulfilment
  2. For each Pick-up/ Delivery fulfilment option, select Customise availability
  3. Select Custom hours and hit Add Service Period
  4. Enter the hours, hit Save once finished

Important- All hours are set in 24 hour time.


Set delivery radius and delivery time

Controlling your delivery area is important for in-house delivery, the delivery radius sets the maximum distance from your store in which orders can be delivered. How well your food/drinks travel is an important factor when considering your delivery area. 

The delivery time is the average time required to deliver an order within your delivery radius. This information is used to calculate estimated wait times for customers.

    1. Select Store Setting
    2. Select Fulfilment
    3. Enter Estimated delivery time

Connect Stripe

Get paid by connecting your existing Stripe account or create a new account. You must have Stripe to receive payments. Stripe’s globally-trusted payments platform enables secure, fast, and easy settlement of funds.

  1. From the Launch checklist, hit Connect Stripe
  2. Under the Payouts heading, hit Connect next to Stripe
  3. You’ll be taken to the Stripe portal. If it asks you to enter your number to secure your account, follow the steps.


Follow Stripe's setup wizard to get started with Stripe payouts. Enter as much information regarding your entity that you have. This will help your account be processed faster and get you ready for payouts. Once you have connected your Stripe account this will be made clear to you in Billing.


Go Online

The home stretch is making your online menu available to your customers. Once you’re online, customers can start ordering (within your store hours) and you will receive the orders on your POS. 

  1. Hit Launch Checklist
  2. Hit Go Online and start accepting orders

Maintaining your Online Menu

Congratulations! You're online. It’s over to you to keep your menu polished and up-to-date. 

Sync Products

Lightspeed Ordering automatically syncs with Lightspeed at the start of each day (~30min prior to your open time.) However, if you'd like to make additional changes that need to be pushed out immediately, you can follow these steps. 

It’s best practice to make changes to your products and option sets in Lightspeed Back Office, then sync these changes to Lightspeed Ordering. If you have added customer-friendly names and images in Online Products these will take precedent and appear in Lightspeed Ordering. 

  1. Sign-in to Lightspeed Ordering
  2. Go to the Menu tab and open Products
  3. Hit  Import menu from Lightspeed 

Customise online menu

It’s likely you might want to tweak your Online menu so that it’s more customer-facing compared to what you have on POS. From Lightspeed Back Office Online Products, you can aim your menu details towards your customers, while keeping a more operational version in your POS. 

Set up customer-friendly names and descriptions

You can edit product, category and option sets’ information, such as the name, description, or the order they appear to make the products, option sets, and categories customer-facing. e.g. your dish might be called “S.T Burger” in POS, but you want “Surf and Turf Burger” to show to customers.

This guide, will walk you through how to Set up customer-friendly names and descriptions

Show / Do Not Show Online

You can also choose to hide products, option sets or categories from your Online menu. e.g You might have a product called “Tap Water” for your dine-in customers, but you don’t want to offer this to your takeaway customer. 

  1. Head over to the Back Office, select Products, Online Products and then Modify
  2. You will be able to see your Categories, untick Show Online to disable the entire category and its associated products from your Online menu
  3.  To turn off individual products, hit the arrow to the right of each category,
  4.  Untick Show Online next to each product


Place test orders

After having built your menu, how do you test it? In Shortcuts, you can view your store and checkout. To avoid paying for a test order, you must generate a 100% off discount code.

  1. From Lightspeed Ordering’s Back Office, select Discounts
  2. Select + Promo Code (for help understanding discounts visit, How do I create discounts for customer orders?
  3. Select View Store in Shortcuts

Add products to the order and Continue to checkout and apply the discount.

What's next?

Now you’ve taken your hospitality business online with your Lightspeed Ordering menu, there’s ample opportunity for you to supercharge your sales by using canny marketing tactics and sales strategies. Check out our Driving Sales with Lightspeed Ordering guide to see tops tips from our Account Management team show you how to market the crackers out of your online menu to drive sales and make the most out of your Lightspeed Ordering. There are even real-world examples to inspire you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait for the customer payments to arrive in my bank?
Payments are delivered to your bank account within 2 business days.

How should I be completing Lightspeed Ordering sales and how do I reconcile online orders at the end of the day?
When the sale lands in POS, it has already been paid by your customer. Lightspeed Ordering payment type is auto-reconciled and you will see the total when you perform a Takings.
Payments for the amount, minus the commission and processing fee (if this has not been set up to be passed back to the customer), will land in your bank account within 2 business days. 

Where can I see Bopple orders including customer name and items ordered?

In the Sales Feed in Back Office.

How do I refund a Bopple order?

You can refund the whole order by following the steps in How to Refund an Order. Please note, you can not partially refund a Bopple order i.e item-specific refunds. In addition, the card used to pay for the order must be present to process to refund. 

How do I pass on card processing fees to the customer?

For a walkthrough on how to set up fees and your ACCC Payment surcharge obligations, head to Bopple's Can I pass the payment processing fee onto customers? FAQ.

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