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Setting Up Lightspeed Ordering

If you want more customers, faster queues and an easier way to manage orders, Lightspeed Ordering is perfect for you!

Lightspeed Ordering is an online ordering platform that lets your customers check-in, order and pay. You can manage all your pick-ups, table service orders and deliveries in one place and see your profits skyrocket.

Read on to setup Lightspeed Ordering, upload your menu and manage orders from the POS.


What's In This Guide?


Before You Begin 

You'll need:


Enabling Lightspeed Ordering

  1. Head over to Integrations on the Back Office and click Lightspeed Ordering powered by Bopple.                                                                                                                                                       
  2. Enable Lightspeed Ordering powered by Bopple.      Screen_Shot_2020-12-23_at_2.10.43_pm.png
  3. You will then be redirected to this page and asked to create an account.    
  4. Please select your order types, POS as Lightspeed Kounta POS and average monthly revenue.    Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_12.25.56_pm.png
  5. Please connect Lightspeed Ordering with your Lightspeed Kounta POS account. 
  6. Please authorise access to your company.                                                                                             Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_12.34.02_pm.png
  7. Please enter your address. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_12.27.38_pm.png
  8. Please enter your store's description, categories, website and phone number. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_12.28.23_pm.png


Setting Up Lightspeed Ordering

You'll notice that nearly all of your account's information will be synced over from Lightspeed. There are, however, a couple of details that we need filled out. Please complete the following:

  1. Head over to "Profile"
    1. Enter your ABN. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.42.26_pm.png
    2. Upload a banner image. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.43.11_pm.png
    3. Enter your first name, last name and phone number. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.44.05_pm.png
  2. Head over to "Hours".
    1. You can add in optional service periods. These can be for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.44.50_pm.png
    2. You can enter optional hours for product categories.Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.45.24_pm.png
    3. You can enter special dates. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.46.17_pm.png
  3. Head over to "Fulfilment".
    1. Have you selected Pick-up orders, their minimum order value, availability and scheduled pick-up orders?Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.47.06_pm.png
    2. Have you selected deliveries, their minimum order value, availability, radius, estimated delivery time and scheduled delivery orders?Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.47.43_pm.png
    3. Have you selected table-service orders and their minimum order value?Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.47.52_pm.png
    4. Have you set up guest check ins on Lightspeed Ordering?Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.50.35_pm.png
    5. Have you set up "Always Online"? This feature enables customers to submit orders outside of your trading hours. They can be processed at your convenience. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.50.43_pm.png
    6. Have you set up guest checkouts? This feature enables customers to submit orders without signing in to Bopple or creating accounts.Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.50.56_pm.png
  4. Head over to Fees.
    1. Click "+ Add Order Fee".Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.51.08_pm.png
    2. Here you can add service fees, delivery fees and public holiday surcharges. They can be a fixed value or percentage and specific to order types. (Note: You can pass 1.6% of our fees on to the end user here 😉)Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.53.59_pm.png
  5. Head over to "Billing.
    1. Connect Lightspeed Ordering with your Stripe account. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_1.51.19_pm.png


Managing Your Online Menu

Congratulations! You're just about to sync over your menu to Lightspeed Ordering. Before you do this, you need to complete a couple of steps.

  1. Head over to the Back Office, select "Products", "Online Products" and then "Modify".BO_1.png
  2. Make sure you're content with your categories. Select:
    1. Which categories to "Show Online".
    2. Their "Customer Friendly Names".
    3. Their order by using the arrows on the left hand side. 
  3. Click the arrow on the right hand side for each category.BO2.png
  4. Make sure you're content with your products. Select:
    1. Which products to "Show Online".
    2. Their "Customer Friendly Names".
    3. Their order by using the arrows on the left hand side. 
  5. Head over to "Products" and select the cog button next to each item. BO3.png
  6. Upload photos for your products. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_11.54.05_am.png
  7. Head over to Lightspeed Ordering
  8. Click "Menu" and then "Import menu from Lightspeed".venue_manager.png
  9. Move your products to categories. categories_2.png
  10. Preview your menu and make changes if necessary. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_12.04.29_pm.png 


Testing Orders on the POS

Send a test order from your preview menu. 

(FYI, the moment you send a test order, your menu become's live. This can be stopped by turning off your trading hours).


Accepting Orders on the POS

  1. A new order alert can be seen and heard.                                                                                                    

  2. Select "Orders".                                                                                                                                             

  3. Open the new order and "Accept" it or "Reject" it.                                                                                            

    Note: If you choose to "Reject" it, you can select a reason.



Pass Thru Printing

Do you want your orders sent straight to your printers? You can do this for table orders and pick ups by contacting your account manager at Lightspeed. 


Sync Menu Changes

Lightspeed Ordering automatically syncs with Lightspeed at the start of each day. However, if you'd like made additional changes that need to be pushed out immediately, you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to Lightspeed Ordering
  2. Select "Menu" and then "Import Menu".                                                                                      

  3. "Import menu from Lightspeed".
Note - This sync should take a few minutes. Should you experience any sync delays, your 24/7 Support team are here to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Lightspeed Ordering has a range of plans to suit any business.

There are no additional transaction fees, lock-in contracts or lengthy delays in receiving funds for your orders. Go here to find out more details.


How long do I have to wait for the customer payments to arrive in my bank?

Payments are delivered to your bank account within 2 business days.


How should I be completing Lightspeed Ordering sales and how do I reconcile online orders at the end of the day?
When the sale lands in POS, it has already been paid by your customer. Lightspeed Ordering payment type is auto-reconciled and you will see the total when you perform a Takings. 

Payments for the amount, minus the commission and processing fee (if this has not been set up to be passed back to the customer), will land in your bank account within 2 business days.


How do I direct customers to a specific category in my Online Menu?

This is a great workflow for dual-faceted businesses. Let's say you want to set up a takeaway coffee station with QR codes separate from my order at table QR codes so that the coffee station will direct to the coffee category and the table to food. 

To direct customers to a specific category, generate a QR code that follows the URL structure below:”BoppleID or Restaurant Name”?category_name=“Category Name”


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