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Setting up PAR levels


Take the guesswork out of your purchasing and always have the stock you need.

Avoid running low on stock by optimising your purchasing quantities. Enter your PAR levels into Purchase and see it side-by-side with stock on hand when you create purchase orders.

This guide covers how to set up PAR levels and where to view them when creating a purchase order.





What’s in this guide?

Before you begin
Setup PAR level per product
Using PAR level
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin 

You will need to have enabled Purchase for this feature.


Setup PAR level per product

1. Launch Purchase from the Back Office

2. From the side menu on the left, select Par levels



3. Use the search bar to look for products

4. Enter the PAR levels on the field provided

5. This will save automatically


Using PAR levels

To help you make great purchase decisions, PAR levels show when you create a purchase order. You will find the PAR levels under the field STOCK/PAR.

The first number is the stock on hand and the second number is the PAR level. If you see a dash in place of the PAR level, it means the level isn’t set yet.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can the system automatically order once the stock count is below the set PAR level of a product?

Not yet! However, you can set up recurring purchase orders and/or order reminders to ensure that your stock never runs out.


Do I need to pay for this feature?

Different features are offered on our Purchase Plans - so check if this is already included in yours. If you need a plan upgrade it's a fine day for a power-up! Talk to us.


What's my next step?

Automation makes life easier.

  • With Purchase, you can automate sending purchase orders to your suppliers using Recurring orders - Or you can simply automate sending regular reminders to your email using Order reminder


Stock Levels on Lightspeed automatically sync with your purchases, sales, and wastage so that inventory management reaches a whole new level of ease.

  • Maintaining accurate stock levels is made easy with Produce. You can easily build recipes and add ingredients to deduct just the right amount for made to order dishes or in batches. 



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