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Optimise your purchasing - with Lightspeed Insights

Optimise your purchasing - with Lightspeed Insights


Better decisions every day.

When you plan your purchasing - what to get, when to get it, and who to buy it from - you maximise time and money and increase profitability. Timely purchase of the right inventory from the most reliable suppliers will also guarantee your business is well stocked all the time.

If you’re already using  Purchase, you’ve got a wealth of purchasing data that you can use. With  Insights’ Purchase Dashboard, you can see data trends of what you buy the most, who are your most reliable suppliers, procurement time and more.




What’s in this guide? 

Before you begin
Accessing the Purchase Dashboard
Tour of the Purchase Dashboard
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

You will need:


Accessing the Purchase Dashboards

1. Launch  Insights from the Back Office

2. From the side menu on the left, select Purchase

3. You have two dashboards and one report you can access from here:

  • Purchase insights - Get detailed insights on your purchase history to understand the status of various orders and identify the top products you have ordered as well as the top suppliers your order from.
  • Individual Purchase Order Details - Drill into individual purchase orders to understand the transition between different order status and the value of the order
  • Product Purchase Trends- Get a view of your product purchasing trends by month and day of the week



4. Once you’ve chosen a dashboard, remember to choose the appropriate Filters (from the upper left part of the screen)and then select Run - you won’t see any data unless you do this first



Note - You can have multiple filters per field (e.g. more than one site or two timeframes) - but keep in mind that this will aggregate the data.


Tour of the Purchase Dashboard

Note - When viewing any of the dashboards, make sure to first enter the right filters (upper left of screen) and select Run


A. Purchase insights

See a snapshot of your total purchase, orders received, a comparison of purchase vs. sales, top products ordered, and procurement time.


1. Purchase snapshot

Answers: What is the total purchase value within the given time?

How many of the orders were delivered or received?

How does purchase compare to sales?

How much did you spend per supplier?



2. Product Summary

Answers: What is the most frequently ordered product?

What products are purchased the most?



3. Supplier Summary and Order Summary

Answers: Who do you order from the most?

Which suppliers have a variation between what order was sent to them and what was received from them?

What is the average number of days between day of order and day of delivery for each supplier?

How many of the orders are in the Received, Delivered, Placed, and Cancelled statuses?  



4. Procurement time - Delivered orders

Answers: How long was it before the orders were delivered?



B. Individual Purchase Order Details

See a breakdown of the purchase orders sent.

Answers: When was an order made and by whom?

What is the status of all the purchase orders within a time frame?

How many products were ordered for each purchase order?

Was there a variation in quantity between what was ordered and what was delivered?

What are the total order amounts?



C. Product Purchase Trends

This dashboard is best for viewing details on individual products such as order value, quantity ordered and monthly trend.

1. Order Value

Answers: How much was spent in purchasing this item within the time frame?



2. Quantity ordered

Answers: How much of the product was ordered within the time frame?



3. Monthly trend

Answers: How much per month of the product is ordered within the time frame?



Frequently Asked Questions 

Why am I not generating any data when I open these dashboards?

Remember to apply the necessary filters especially the site and the time frame. Then, select Run.


Do I need to pay for Purchase Insights?

Purchase Insights may already be included in your  Insights Plan - so have a look if it’s already included with yours.

If you need a plan upgrade, it's a fine day for a power-up! Talk to us.


What's my next step?


Ready to share your riveting findings from Insights? Downloading, sending, sharing, and even scheduled sending is a breeze.


Purchasing just got easier. Set up automatic order reminders to replenish stock. You can also set up automatic recurring orders that send to your suppliers on schedule. Enable your staff to quickly decide what to purchase and how much by setting up your par levels.

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