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Integration - LivenPay

Lightspeed has partnered with Liven to bring mobile payments & loyalty to your business, and open the door for Lightspeed customers to gain exposure on LivenPay’s Network.

This guide will walk you through the steps of enabling this integration and processing a sale with LivenPay.

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Introducing Liven Care Packages!

The Liven Care Package is Liven’s way of letting the community give back to their favourite venues during these difficult times. It gives your passionate customers a risk-free way to make a real difference by buying upfront to make their lives easier and getting some love in return with a bonus.


You can choose the bonus value you would like to over for each care package to help incentivise customer to spend more.

Find out more here.

What’s in this guide?

Before you begin

Enabling the Liven integration

Processing a sale with LivenPay

Restricting when customers pay

Receiving LivenPay payments & revenue

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

You will need:

Enabling the LivenPay Integration

1.  Select Integrations in Back Office 


2. Find and select LivenPay


3. Enable LivenPay 


4. Follow the authorisation and registration prompts to confirm your business details and activate Liven.

Within a few days, the LivenPay team will reach out to you to complete your integration.


Processing a sale with LivenPay

Processing a sale is covered in our guide on Processing Sales with Lightspeed  POS.

For a quick reference - all you need to do is select LivenPay from the Checkout panel.



Next, tap the customer’s corresponding bill order - if there are several requests verify with either their name or code as shown on the screen.



Restricting when customers pay

In order to restrict when customers can pay with LivenPay, please contact Liven’s team on the merchant support number or


Receiving LivenPay payments & revenue

As a LivenPay Merchant Partner, your LivenPay revenue is sent to you either Fortnightly or Weekly depending on your merchant agreement.

Statements are being sent on Mondays and payments are done on Wednesdays which could be on a merchant's nominated bank account within 1-2 days.

If you would like to make changes to your merchant agreement, please contact your account manager.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is LivenPay?

LivenPay is a payment infrastructure and rewards network allowing people to pay easily how best suits them, and for businesses to receive LivenPay payments and revenue how they please.


What is Liven?

Liven is LivenPay’s user-facing venue discovery and mobile payments platform. Liven leverages LivenPay’s payment infrastructure and a suite of digital tools to connect thousands of quality venues to hundreds of thousands of loyal customers.

What is LVN?

LVN is LivenPay’s Digital Network Currency, like rewards points but a whole lot more dynamic, useful and meaningful. LVN is rewarded to users when they transact and can be tipped to the venue, donated to charity or saved for future use, whether that be spending it at a Liven Venue or sending it to friends.

What are the benefits of joining LivenPay?

  • Accept seamless mobile payments
  • Put bums on seats - LivenPay is not a delivery service, we bring people out to venues
  • Integrated loyalty rewards - LVN creates and retains repeat customers
  • Always-on digital marketing - Your venue will be discovered intuitively by LivenPay’s user-base
  • Growing network effect - Be positioned alongside top national and international brands

Do I need to pay for this integration?

transaction fee may apply if you choose to use the LivenPay Payment integration with Lightspeed POS. 

How do I contact LivenPay?

Feel free to contact the LivenPay team via:

  • The merchant support phone number
  • Live web-chat
  • Email at

You can also visit the links below for more info:

What's my next step?

Ready to upgrade your customer relationship and loyalty strategies? Adding your customers to Lightspeed is a great start. This will allows you to create customer-based promos, allow customers to pay on accountand of course, sync your customer data with integrations that you use with Lightspeed.


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