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Accessing the Purchase Report


In the fast-paced world we live in, you’d need to make sure that your business is always well stocked - adapting to the ebbs and flows of the market and meeting customer demand.

Purchase allows you to check on the key stats of your purchasing so you never miss a beat.

Want a deeper dive into your data? The Purchase dashboard on Insights allows you to see hidden truths in your purchasing data to fuel your decisions. These dashboards presents your data in beautiful interactive reports that are easy to view and quick to share.

For quick routinary checks on your purchasing however, the Purchase Report can be accessed from your Purchase - this is what we’ll cover in this guide.



What’s in this guide?


Before you begin

Accessing the Purchase Report

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin


You will need:

  • Purchase enabled from the Back Office
  • Of course, you’d also need for there to be purchases already processed from Insights as well.


Accessing the Purchase Report


1. Launch  Purchase  from the Back Office

2. Select Report

3. Select the time range that you would want to check - this can be for the day, the past week, past month, or specific dates. The maximum range is up to a month.

4. If you chose to enter specific dates, you would need to select Filter to run the data.


Note - If after checking a time range, you want to check another time range, simply refresh the page and enter the new dates.



The report would show the following:

  • Total order value - How much was spent for all the orders within the time range - so this would only count orders that are Received
  • Orders placed - Number of purchase orders sent to suppliers within the time range (including any that may have been cancelled)
  • Orders received - Number of orders that were marked as received
  • Top 5 Products - These are the top 5 products that you’ve purchased, ranked by total spend
  • Top 5 Suppliers - These are the suppliers whom you’ve ordered from the most frequently


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to pay to access the Purchase report?

Accessing the Purchase report is free with any Purchase plan.


Where do I go for more data on my purchasing?

With Insights’ Purchase Dashboard, you can see data trends of what you buy the most, who are your most reliable suppliers, procurement time and more.


What's my next step?


More to explore on Insights - find inspiration for your business decisions with over 30+ interactive dashboards specialised to answer your most important business questions. Using Insights, you can check out the Purchase dashboards to give you the data you need to make great purchasing decisions.


Haven’t tried our automated features on Purchase yet? You can automate sending purchase orders to your suppliers using Recurring orders - or simply automate sending regular reminders to your email using Order reminders.


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