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FAQ - How do I delete (or cancel) a purchase order, recurring order, or order reminder?


Let’s face it - mistakes happen. On Purchase, you can easily delete your purchase orders, order reminders, and recurring purchase orders.


Delete a draft, placed, or received purchase order

In a nutshell, these are the statuses of purchase orders that can be cancelled or deleted:

  • Drafts - these are orders that haven’t been placed or sent yet. These can be deleted completely.
  • Placed - these are orders that have already been sent to the supplier. These can be cancelled. This means they will remain on the list but show a status: cancelled.
  • Received - these are orders that have been marked as ‘received’. Once deleted, the order will be removed completely and the received stock will be decremented.
Note - Received Orders can only be deleted by users who have admin access.   
Note - Deleting a Received Purchase Order will reverse the received stock but due to technical limitations it won't reverse cost price calculation attributed to the order.

1. Open your Draft / Placed / Received purchase order from the Purchase Orders tab on Purchase. Next, select the actions panel (three dots) on the upper right side of the screen.


  • If your order is a Draft or marked as Received, you will be able to select Delete Order from the menu.3_delete_order.PNG
  •  If your order is already Placed, you will see these options. Select Cancel Order4_cancel_order.PNG
Note - Cancelling a placed order will notify your supplier.

4. Confirm the deletion or cancellation and you’re done. It’s that easy!


Delete an order reminder or recurring order


All order reminders can be deleted. This will cancel all future reminders from that template. You’ll find that it’s the same familiar process as deleting a purchase order.

Note - If you would like to put the order reminder on hold up to a certain date - you don’t need to delete it. Simply change the Start date of the order reminder.


1. From the Order Reminders tab on Purchase, open the reminder you wish to cancel.

2. Next, select the actions panel (three dots) on the upper right side of the screen.


3. Select Delete template.


4. Confirm the deletion and you’re done!


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