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FAQ - Why do I need to know the quantity & $ of a product sold?

With Insights, you can easily know how much $ each product contributes to your revenue. Some products, however, may not make you much $, but it is a staple product - so it’s important to know how many you have sold. This may indicate how many Customers you have.


To look into the revenue and number of products sold, you can look into the Individual Product Performance Dashboard.

Access the Individual Product Performance Dashboard

This dashboard shows:

  • Total Revenue
  • Recent Refunds
  • Performance with vs. without Adjustments (this one shows if a promo or end of a promo is affecting the product’s performance)


  1. From  Insights, select Product Performance
  2. Select Individual Product Performance
  3. In the Filters field, select the Site Name, Date Range and Product Name - then select Run





Access Other Dashboards

However, you will be able to find quantity & $ sales together in many other dashboards as well - giving more context to the high level. A few examples include:


Day of Week Performance - from Site Summary




 Top Selling Products - from Site Comparison




 Top Selling Registers - from Site Overview




Sales by Hour of Day - from Site Summary




Top Selling Staff - Product Comparison




Note - Curious for what else is out there? Explore the different dashboards on Insights. If you’re using Insights Lite, you will see a different set of dashboards (which may not include the dashboard mentioned here.)



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