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FAQ - How do I see data for just Saturdays for the last qtr?

Use Filters

Once you have the dashboard open, use the date filter: “on the day.” Then select the specific days you want - like all Saturdays within the quarter (multiple can be selected).



Use Readily Available Dashboards

There are several Dashboards which show the day of the week as a default - so once you have them open you’d only need filter the date range to “is in the past 1 quarter.”


You will find the "day of week" in these dashboards:


  • Site Overview
  • Site Summary
  • Individual Product Performance
  • Product Across Sites
  • Product Comparison
  • Reporting Groups Overview
  • Individual Staff Performance
  • Staff Comparison
  • Individual Customer Sales
  • Company Overview - Deleted Orders
  • Site summary - Deleted Orders
  • Wastage Insights
  • Product Purchase Trends


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