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FAQ - How do I know when I need and don’t need staff (FOH & BOH)?

Based on Revenue or No. of Sales

You’d want your labour cost to be proportional to the revenue made. Using Insights, you can easily see the breakdown of revenue generated by products handled by BOH and FOH. From here you can better decide on the labour cost you’d want to shell out for FOH and BOH staffing.


More products sold could mean that it was a busier time. Using reporting groups, you will be able to see how many FOH products are selling vs. BOH products. When you know how many of the products are selling within a span of time, this gives you an idea to forecast the needed workforce.


Assign a Reporting Group

First thing you’d want to do is assign the products - Common reporting groups would be “food”, “drinks”, and “retail”. You’ll enter these groupings under the Reporting Groups field in the Products page of Back Office.


In most establishments “food” is assigned to BOH (naturally - since the food needs to be prepared in the kitchen) and the remaining “drinks” and “retail” are assigned to FOH - but the split is up to you. (It’s also up to you if you want to add more reporting groups or use another way of grouping.)


But to continue - by seeing the performance of “food”, “drink”, and “retail” (or whatever reporting groups you’ve used) - this should give you an idea of how many FOH and BOH staff you’d need for a specific time.




Access the Reporting Groups Overview Dashboard

This dashboard shows:

  • The revenue split between the reporting groups
  • Hourly and weekly performance for each reporting group
  • Number of product sales under each reporting group


  1. From  Insights, select Product Performance
  2. Select Reporting Groups Overview
  3. In the Filters field, select the Site Name and Date Range - then select Run


Note - Need to know the number of products per reporting group sold within a day? Use the Filter field to select a date.




Note - Curious for what else is out there? Explore the different dashboards on Insights. If you’re using  Insights Lite, you will see a different set of dashboards (which may not include the dashboard mentioned here.)


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