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FAQ - How do I keep track of my open orders under account sales, lay by, and bar tab?

If you’ve given your customers the option to pay later through Account Sales, Lay By, and/or Bar Tabs, you may want to review your receivables without the need to rummage through account summaries and pending orders. Maybe you’re curious to see which accounts are bringing in the most value.


Either way, tracking receivables on Lightspeed Insights is straightforward, easy, and updated by the minute. You have two dashboards to choose from:


1. Account Sales

Get a view on the following (see images below):

    • Total number of orders (including account sales, bar tabs, and lay by orders)
    • Revenue of orders
    • Average order value per customer
    • Staff who opened the orders
    • Top 20 Highest Value accounts
    • Site comparison: sale on account vs. completed sale
Note - Here's a shortcut for you. Select any customer name or email and then select Individual Customer Open Orders to view all the open orders associated with that name.





2. Individual Customer Account Sales

This is a tabular report that contains the following:

  • The customer name and email
  • Date and staff name
  • Number of products, value of orders, and average value of orders



 Access the Open Orders Dashboards


1. From Lightspeed  Insights, select Account Sales

2. Choose from the two dashboards (discussed above)

3. Once you open a dashboard, In the Filters field, select the Site Name (and/or Company Name), Time Range, and etc.- then select Run

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