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Integrations - Active Campaign

With marketing automation, you can send the right message, give the right offer, manage your contact list, and more. All done instantly and based on customer behaviour.  Build meaningful relationships - whether you're re-engaging customers or inviting your highest-spending customers to try your new Pannacotta Affogato.

Thanks to the native integration between Kounta and Active Campaign, you can feed your Kounta customer details (and sales history per customer) to Active Campaign.

Read on to discover how to set up this integration and start sync-ing your Kounta data through.




What’s in this Guide?

Before you begin
Enable the Active Campaign integration
Sync Active Campaign and Kounta
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

You will need:


Enable the Active Campaign Integration

1. From the Add-ons Page in Kounta Back Office, find the Active Campaign add-on.

2. Enable this add-on by selecting the orange Enable Active Campaign button.


3. Select Connect to Active Campaign.


4. You will be asked for the API URL and API KEY. You will need to log in to your Active Campaign to get these details (we’ll cover this in the next step).


5. Log in to your Active Campaign and select Settings. 


6. Next, select Developer, then note the API URL and API KEY


7. Enter the API URL and Key details into Kounta - then select Connect to Active Campaign


8. You will see that your Active Campaign is now connected to your Kounta (see image below). Then you will be presented with the following options:


  • For each completed order in Kounta, add Order to Customer Profile in Active Campaign - you’d want to tick this if you’d like the data on a customer’s orders to come through and be used in campaigns and marketing automation.
  • For each customer created in <Kounta company name>/<Site name>, create a contact in Active Campaign - you’d want to tick this if you want your contact list to update in Active Campaign from Kounta.


Note - To make the most of this integration, it is advisable to tick both boxes.


Remember to select the Save option/s that will appear after you tick the box/es above.


9. Success! You will now see how many customer contacts and orders are sync-ed to Active Campaign.


Note - Only customers who have had a recorded sale linked to them will sync to Active Campaign’s contacts. This rule ensures that your contact list on Active Campaign is comprised of customers who have had that level of engagement with you.
Note - Only purchases made after the add-on was enabled will be viewable on Active Campaign


Sync Active Campaign and Kounta

Every time you add a customer or process an order linked to a customer, you need to perform a sync with Active Campaign. This sync happens automatically every hour.

If you need to manually trigger the sync, here’s how:

1. Access your Active Campaign page by selecting Active Campaign from the Add-ons Page.

2. Select Sync, then select Sync Now. (See image below)

And done! It’s that easy.


Frequently Asked Questions


What customer details will sync from Kounta to Active Campaign?

The data that imports from Kounta to Active Campaign includes the name, email, phone number, and purchase history (starting from 30 days before the sync date). 


Where can I find my Kounta customer details on Active Campaign?

Your Kounta customer details can be viewed and changed from the Contacts page on your  Active Campaign account.


Why isn’t my customer data synchronising to Active Campaign?

You need to have processed sales under the customer name for them to show on Active Campaign’s contacts.


What if I change the name or phone number of the customer from Back Office?

This will not update your contacts list on Active Campaign - so make sure to update from Active Campaign as well.


Do I need to pay for this integration?

You would need to subscribe to Active Campaign’s services as well as ours. However, the integration is free of charge on the new Extend plan.  If you are using the Sell or Manage plan, you’d only need to pay $20 monthly per site to avail of this integration.


What else can I do to engage my customers?

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