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Setting up Lightspeed Display

No one likes ordering errors. It’s a bad experience for the customer who got the wrong item, and it’s a bad experience for the queue that has to wait. It’s also a waste, both of your staff’s time and that wrap you have to throw away. 

But no more!

Lightspeed Display will allow you to transform a tablet or mobile into a front-facing display that will allow your customers to see their orders being entered by the staff in real-time. This way, errors can be immediately flagged. 

Read on to learn how to set up Lightspeed  Display.




What’s in this guide?

Before you begin
Enable Lightspeed Display
Configure your Lightspeed Display
Pair your Display with your POS
Process a Sale with Display
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

You would need:

  • Stable internet connection.
  • Your compatible POS device running on either Android or iOS. Make sure the  POS app is installed.
  • Your compatible Display device also running on either Android or iOS. Make sure the Lightspeed  Display app is installed.
Note - Make sure that your Display device is running on at least iOS 10 or Android 7. The devices’ OS don’t need to match to be able to pair.


Enable Lightspeed Display

1. From the Add-ons Page in Lightspeed Back Office, find the Lightspeed  Display add-on.

2. Enable this Add-on by selecting the orange Enable Lightspeed Display button.




Configure your Lightspeed Display


1. Immediately after enabling this add-on, you will be redirected to the Configuration page (see image below). Here, you can access the following settings:

  • Change background image - This is your space. Showcase a branded image, a new dish, or a running promo/ discount / combo deal.
    • The supported file type is JPEG and PNG. And the best image size would be 657 x 748 or 1971 x 2244
  • Welcome message - this can be a simple greeting. More details about a promotion, your tagline, or a call to action for your customers to see.
  • Payment methods - neatly showcase your accepted payment methods at the bottom of the screen.



2.  If you’ve chosen to show what payment methods you accept, you will be able to choose which ones to surface on your Lightspeed Display.

Note - The sequence you select the payment integrations is the same sequence they will show horizontally at the bottom of your Lightspeed Display.




3. Don’t forget to select Save!


Pair your  Display with your  POS


For these next steps, you need your POS device and Display device side by side and make sure these two devices are on the same network.


On the POS device:

1. Launch the Lightspeed app on the POS device and head over to the Point of Sale.

2. Once there, select the menu icon on the left-hand side. Then select add-ons.



3. At this point, you want to make sure that the Lightspeed Display app is running on your Display device. Then select Pair Display.



Note - If you cannot find the Pair Display option on this menu, try rotating your POS device to a portrait position then back to a landscape position - you should be able to see it then.


4. Your POS device will begin searching for Display devices within the network. Simply select the device you want your POS to pair with.




On the display device:

5. Once the pair is requested, a dialogue box for the pairing request will appear on the display device. Select Accept




6. Success! Your Display device is connected.



Process a Sale with Lightspeed Display

1. Simply process your order like normal.  As you add items, it will appear on your paired Display.



2. Then proceed to Check Out like normal on POS. Once you process the payment, Lightspeed Display will show the status of the payment such as Transaction pending or Transaction declined / Transaction success.


Note - if the payment being processed is via QR Code on WeChat or Alipay, the QR code will appear on Lightspeed Display.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Lightspeed Display?

Lightspeed  Display is included free on the current Manage and Extend plan. This feature is not included in older plans.


Can I pair an Android device with an iOS device?

Yes you can. Whether you use an Android device or iOS device as your POS, you could pair it with either an Android or iOS device. They don’t have to match. Your devices do need to have minimum specs such as those discussed on the Before you begin section.

Note - please go to this page if you need a refresher on POS device requirements.


Can I use a mobile phone as a display device?

Yes you can. The minimum requirement is that your device runs on at least Android 7 or iOS 10.


What else might I do to minimise errors in my venue’s workflow?

Dine-in, takeaway, or catering? Getting the order type wrong might only happen every so often, but when it does... it's not the best look for your business. Fear not. The Order Types add-on prompts your staff to capture this order detail - saving time and food packaging, while ensuring smooth service.



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