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FAQ - How do I generate sales reports if I trade past midnight?

If your business trades past midnight, it means 1 trading day for you is different from what the basic ‘filter-by-date’ counts as 1 day (12:00 MD - 11:59 PM).  Hence, using this filter on your reports could give you a mixed result from two trading days. 

On Lightspeed, you can achieve accurate reporting that aligns with your trading schedule. You’ve got two choices:

Option 1: Use Reconciliation to record sales details per trading day

Method: In this first manual option, you will use the reconciliation (a.k.a  end-of-day takings) report to serve as your sales report. 

This option needs consistency because if a staff member forgets to do the reconciliation at closing time, then you miss that forgotten trading day. Then, the next reconciliation report would contain data for two trading days. In this situation, the data is still all there but may require some sorting for your per-day sales report.

What you will get: The reconciliation report in Back Office is packed with information regarding your sales. If reconciliation is done consistently, you can get an accurate and detailed breakdown on the following details per trading day:

  • Sales - for which site, in which register, which staff processed it, the net amount, the tax amount, and the total (see image below)
  • Product sales - quantity sold, sale amount, % of sale amount (see image below)
  • Payment breakdown - the amounts paid, refunded, or given as tips per payment type
  • Price adjustments, tips, money in/out



Product Sales2_Product_summary.png


Option 2: Use Lightspeed Insights to adjust reports to your trading hours

Method: Lightspeed Insights will allow you to adjust Insights reports to align with your trading hours. All you have to do is use the “is in range” filter. No more manual effort needed.


What you will get: Beyond basic reporting,  Insights gives you interactive reports with stunning data visualisation. Insights makes data easy and fun - so you can quickly find areas where your business can grow.  Gain access to these dashboards:


  • Site Summary - Take a look at your site’s overall performance. This includes total sales, as well as category, product, and register performance. (see image below) 
  • Service Period Comparison - This report defaults to Breakfast (4 am - 11 am) vs. Lunch (11 am - 5 pm) - but you can customise these timeframes in the dashboard filters. (see image below)
  • Product Comparison - Select two products and compare their total revenue, profit generated, and sales performance side by side across your chosen time period. (see image below)
  • Tables Overview - Understand how each of your tables is performing in terms of sales, turn-over times, and guests. (see image below)
  • Staff Overview - See the top-selling staff across your company within a specified time frame.
  • Reconciliations Overview + Drilldown - If you regularly do takings (although not a requirement), the data will also transfer to Insights in this polished, interactive report. 
Note - If you want to learn more about the ready-made dashboards on Lightspeed Insights, check out our guide on Getting around Lightspeed Insights.


Site Summary



Service Period Comparison



Product Comparison



Tables Overview



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