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FAQ - How do I switch companies, sites, registers, Lightspeed apps, or users?

Lightspeed was built to easily manage multiple companies, sites, registers, and apps under one login. Multiple logins can be created to customise what users have access to.

In this guide, we will talk about how to navigate through different companies (if you have more than one), sites, registers, and apps. We’ll also talk about how to switch users in case you are sharing the device.


Switching apps

Switching registers 

Switching companies & sites 

Switching user login


Switching apps

The different apps in the Lightspeed platform include POS, Insights, Purchase, and Produce. You can launch these from the Back Office. Simply select Lightspeed on the left then select the tile of the app. 


Switching registers 

On Lightspeed, any device that needs to access the Point of Sale is given a register slot (1 register slot : 1 device). The only way to “switch registers” is to assign the device to another register slot (which should be unoccupied).

Note - but if you need more devices to access POS at the same time, you would need more registers. Learn more about adding registers in this separate guide.

1. From the Sites tab in Back Office, select the register that you want to reassign to your device.


2. When you’ve reached the Register Information page, select Unassign Register


Note - If the device you’d like to assign to this register is currently assigned to another register, repeat the above steps to also free up the device.


3. Launch POS from your device. The system will let you choose which register should now be assigned to the device.


Switching companies & sites


If you have created or have been invited to multiple companies or sites, it is easy to switch from one company to another. The sites you see will depend on the access you have (i.e. staff can be assigned specific sites by managing user settings)


From POS

If you are on POS, to switch companies or sites, you need to go to the Back Office first. Then after you’ve switched, launch POS again.


From Back Office and Insights

Note - These are the only places on Kounta where you can access sites from different companies. 

1. Look for the button on the lower left of your screen containing your site name.

2. This will expand into a menu - select your site name 


3. This will take you to a menu where you can select different sites under different companies.




From Produce & Purchase

From these apps, you can only access the sites of the company that you are currently signed in to

Note - to switch to a site under a different company, you would need to do that first from Back Office. Afterwards, launch Produce or Purchase again.

1. To switch sites within the same company, simply select the button on the lower left part of your screen containing your site name. 

Note - If you see another menu, select your site name again.


2. You will then be taken to a list of other sites within the company you’re signed in to.



Switching user login


From the Point of Sale:

Simply select Switch User from the bottom left corner of the screen. This will allow you to log in as another user.



From the Back Office, Insights & Produce:

You would need to log out from the current user account by selecting the button on the lower left containing the site name. Then, select Logout


Afterwards, you will be redirected to the login page.


From Purchase:

You would first need to go to the Back Office and switch user - then launch Purchase again.

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