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Welcome to Insights Live

Now you can always stay on top of what’s happening in your business... even when you’re not in your business. From monitoring how things are tracking today to making important business decisions, real-time POS data and hospitality-centric insights are here at your fingertips.

Insights Live keeps you in the know. See how your business is doing today, this week, or this month, from anywhere in the world. Simply sign-in on the app to get access to live sales data, business trends, and important alerts - fresh from your Point of Sale. Zero-in by comparing key metrics, and make sense of complex information through beautiful visualisations. Data analysis has never been this easy.




Access Real-Time Sales Data
“How much is my business earning? How are my product sales tracking today? How are my margins trending?” With Insights Live, the answers are only a tap away. 


Apply Filters
Narrow down or open up your data set with time-range filters. View data from today, from this week, or from this month.


Your Benchmarks At A Glance
Gain rich, actionable insight by comparing current performance to your historical averages in a single view. 


Multi-Site Management on the Go
Easily access data and get alerts from multiple venues - all you need is one login.


Keep Growing
Insights Live will grow with you. Stay tuned for new dashboards and features. We always have something cooking! 


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