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Setting Up Insights Live

Insights Live is your pocket data wiz. Access your POS analytics from today, this week, or this month - from anywhere in the world. Use the freshest sales and order data to check in on your business’ performance and power up your decision making with deep insights. 

You can learn more about the main features of Insights Live in our guide, Welcome to Insights Live. In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can set up Insights Live on your mobile device or tablet.



Before you begin

You would need:


  • Insights enabled with a Lite plan or above
  • ‘View Insights’ permissions (at the minimum) in Back Office
  • Your mobile device running on at least Android 8 or iOS 11





Install Insights + Sign In

1. Download the Lightspeed Insights Live app from the App Store or Google Play.



2. Once you have the app installed, sign in using the same email and password you use when logging in to Lightspeed Back Office.

If you have POS data for the chosen time range, it will show here on the Dashboard tab, the app’s homepage.



Note - If you are using the 1D (1 day) time range filter and you’re opening the app before you’ve made sales for the day, you are likely to see zeroes. This is because the data resets after Midnight for the 1D time range filter. As for businesses that trade past midnight, fear not! We have a feature coming up where you can enter your trading times and the live data report will adjust accordingly. Stay tuned for this and more upcoming features!


And that’s it. It’s really that easy.


What’s my next step?

  • If you have not yet subscribed to Insights, then our guide on Enabling Insights can walk you through the steps to get you started.
  • Time to explore  Insights Live. Open this guide on Getting around Insights Live for a comprehensive tour!

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