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QR code payments - Alipay

Unlock new customer segments by accepting QR Code payments at your venue. With Alipay, you can easily take payments from Chinese tourists (and residents) - without the need for a Chinese bank account.

Did you know - According to Tourism Research Australia, China remained as Australia’s leading tourist market during the year ending March 2019 - with over 1.3 million Chinese visitors and a trip spend amounting to $12 billion.

Alipay has a native integration with Kounta POS (via Omipay), providing a fast and secure way to accept QR code payments.  This guide will walk you through the steps of enabling this add-on and processing a sale paid via Alipay.

Note - At the moment, Omipay is only available for Australian merchants.
Still looking around for an EFTPOS solution?  Look at the Kounta Payments page or Talk to a Payments Expert.



What's in this guide?

Before you begin
Sending an application to Omipay (for Kounta customers)
Enable the Omipay QR Code Payment Integration
Process a Sale with a QR Code Payment
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

You will need:

  • Access to your Kounta Back Office
  • Your POS device
  • Stable Internet connection
  • An Omipay merchant account 


Sending an application to Omipay (for Kounta customers)

1. The first step is to apply for an Omipay account. Follow this link to Apply for QR Payments. You can also apply from the Alipay add-on page in Back Office by selecting Apply Now.

Note - It is recommended that you complete one application form per site - as each application form requires a unique street address, ABN, and bank account (for payments to be dispersed to).

2. You will receive an email from us containing the Merchant Agreement & Application Form. This will be sent to you for digital signing.

Note - The waiting time after this step will only be 1 - 2 weeks.

3. Once your application is approved, you will be sent an email with your login details and an SMS with a temporary password. 


Enable the Omipay QR Code Payment Integration

1. From the Add-ons Page in Kounta Back Office, find the Alipay add-on.

2. Enable the add-on by selecting on the orange Enable Alipay button



3. After enabling the add-on, select Configuration (see image below)

4. Enter your Merchant Number and Secret Key. You can find these on your Omipay account. Then select Save.


Note - You can use the same credentials for both Alipay and WeChat Pay. However, if you have multiple sites or stores, you would need to use a different set of credentials for each site. This is because each application form requires a unique street address, ABN, and bank account (for payments to be dispersed to).

Once you're done, you can start processing sales with this payment type.  


Process a Sale with a QR Code Payment

Processing a sale with this payment type is the same seamless experience as other payment types on Kounta POS This is covered in our guide on Processing Sales with Kounta POS.

After you’ve processed the sale, this is what you’ll do:

1. After selecting Check Out, all you need to do is select the logo of Alipay.


2. Alipay will generate a QR code that the customer can scan with their app. After scanning, the order will be paid. If you have Kounta Display enabled, your customer-facing screen will show the QR code to the customer for scanning.

It's that easy! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Alipay even if I’m not in China?

You can set up a merchant account with Omipay even if you are not operating your business in China. However, Omipay is only available to Australian merchants for now.


How much will this integration cost?

This integration is free. However, you would also need to create a merchant account with Omipay


Can I refund a sale paid via Alipay on Kounta?

If an order is paid via QR payment and would need to be refunded (fully or partially) on Kounta, the refund would need to be given via another payment type (e.g. Cash, Kounta Gift Card.) 

If you would like to see how easy it is to process refunds on Kounta, you can refer to our guide on how process refunds & voids.


Can I refund a sale paid via Alipay directly?

Some customers may insist that the funds be sent back to their Alipay. For this, take note of these two steps:

1. You’d need to first process the refund on Omipay - find the steps in the Omipay - User manual which you’ll receive once your application is approved.

2. To record this refund on Kounta for reconciliation and reporting, you also need to refund the sale from POS. You can refund the item to a manually created payment type that you can name Alipay - Refund to avoid confusion. 

Note - These payment types would only be used at the stage of the POS refund where you are asked the mode of the refund. (see image below)



Are QR code payments included in my reconciliation?

QR code payments via Alipay are automatically reconciled - meaning you don’t need to enter the amount. Upon reconciliation, amounts are already logged for you. 

We recommend that reconciliation be done daily or at the end of every shift. This way, you can minimise the likelihood of untraced revenue variances. Our walkthrough on finalising your end of day takings will show you the steps!


How do I report on Sales by Payment Type?

On the Payments dashboard of Kounta Insights, you’ll be able to view the breakdown of payment types processed within a chosen period. This dashboard shows you the performance and historical trends of payment types you have.

A more basic and tabular report, the Sales Summary by Payment Mean Report can also be found in Back Office.


How else can I make my payment experience easier?

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