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FAQ - How do I know which of my products are usually sold together?

Whether you are looking for inspiration on which products to put together in a combo deal or just curious to see which products get bought together,  Insights has the answers.


The Product Combinations dashboard helps you answer questions like:

  • Which products usually get bought with my Lasagna? 
  • How many times have my Organic Lamb Burger and Lasagna been bought together in an order within the past 3 months?
  • Within my “Food” reporting group, which products usually get bought together?

The Product Combinations dashboard (see image below) shows the following columns:

  • Main Product - this is the first product in a pair of products bought together.
    • If you’ve chosen to specify just one main product (e.g. Lasagna - to find out which products are bought with Lasagna), then the Main Product column will contain only that selected product.
  • Sold with - this is the second product in a pair of products bought together.
  • # Times sold together - this is the number of times the pair of products was bought together under one order.



Access the Product Combinations dashboard

1. From  Insights, select Product Performance

2. Select Product Combinations

3. In the Filters field, select the Date Range and Site Name. 

Note - If you want to focus on a particular product (i.e. what is often sold with my lasagna?), enter the product name under Main Product. If you want to zoom in on just "food", "beverage", or any reporting group, enter that reporting group name under Main Product Reporting Group

4. Then, select Run




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