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FAQ - When creating a recipe, what is the difference between “In Batches” and “Made to order”?

One of the first things you’ll see as you create a recipe on Produce is the term Recipe type. You will need to choose from “In Batches” or “Made to order”



In batches

Made to order

  • On a scheduled production time
  • Note - You can then use the Prep tab in Produce to schedule and track production of these products. (discussed below)
  • After a customer has ordered the product



  • Generally not.
  • But you can also create, for example, a batch of croissants which is then sold individually on POS.
  • Yes



  • Pizza dough
  • Seafood Pizza
When will stock update:
  • When the Actual Yield is recorded once the batch is finished
  • When sold/wasted
What stock updates will occur:

(+)  20 Pizza dough actual yield

(-) Flour - 500g

(-) Caster sugar - 2g

(-) Salt - 2g

(-) Olive Oil - 300mL

i.e. The finished product of the batch and the ingredients that was used


(-) Pizza dough - 1 unit

(-) Pizza sauce - 30mL

(-) Toppings 1 - 10g

(-) Toppings 2 - 10g

(-) Toppings 3 - 10g

i.e. The finished product itself (the one showing on POS) and the ingredients that was used for it


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