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Welcome to Produce

Delivering consistently good food is vital to keeping your customers happy. Produce is your best friend in simplifying the batch production of food and drinks.



Increase kitchen efficiency

When prep is recorded on paper or whiteboard, this can be time-consuming and hard to keep track of. With one intuitive dashboard to look at, everyone is kept in the loop about what needs to be prepped, what needs to be baked, what’s been marinated and so forth.  Produce helps you keep your kitchen or bar running like clockwork.


Maintain great product consistency

With all your recipes safely kept in one place, your staff members (new or tenured) have one place to look. This ensures the consistency of your products - whoever prepares it.


Automatic stock level updates

Beyond being just a database for recipes, Produce allows you to keep tabs on the ingredient amounts used for each dish or batch prepared.


Know the true cost of your products

Say goodbye to manually costing products made in bulk - then hoping your GP% would be enough to make ends meet. With Produce, you can easily see the total cost of the products you make in batches. You will also see how much each unit in the batch costs.


Easily plan ahead

Produce helps you easily schedule Prep ahead of time. These batches appear on the dashboard to remind the staff so your kitchen never runs out.


What’s my next step?

If you have not yet subscribed to  Produce, then our guide can walk you through the steps to get you started.

If you're already subscribed to  Produce, it is time to give it an explore - we have a guide on Getting around Produce to help you do just that.

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