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Enabling Lightspeed Produce

With Lightspeed Produce, recipe management and prep is easier, faster, and less confusing. Say goodbye to whiteboards and clipboards. Have one central dashboard to view all recipes and to keep tabs on batches that need to be prepared or are being prepared. And after each batch is completed or each made to order product is sold or wasted, your stock levels are automatically updated! You get all this on an intuitive interface that you can easily view on desktop or tablet devices.



Enable  Produce

1. From Back Office, head to the Subscriptions page
2. Select the site you wish to add Produce to.


3. Select Try Produce.


4. You will be taken to the Pricing Plan page where you can select the plan that suits you best. Then scroll down and select Continue.

Note - You can upgrade/downgrade anytime. Just follow the above steps until step 2. Then when you see the list of plans, select Change plan right next to Produce.  CHANGE_PLAN.PNG


What’s my next step?

Now that you have Produce enabled, how about a tour? Check out our guide on Getting Around Produce.

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