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Schedule and track prep

Say goodbye to your clipboards and whiteboards. No more walking around the whole shop to look at every section just to know what’s being made and what needs to be prepared. Produce serves as your central source of information about the batches of food and drinks to be prepared. The first step is to add your recipes for products made in batches or to orderOnce that’s done, you can easily schedule and track your prep.

This guide covers how to set up prep schedules and track ongoing productions.



What’s in this guide?

Before you begin
Scheduling batches
Tracking batches
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

You would need:

Note - Even if you are not on the Advanced Prep plan yet, you can create up to 10 batches for free. Try this feature in your own time, they won't expire.


Scheduling batches

1. From the Prep tab of Produce, select Create a new batch.
2. Choose a recipe that you want to schedule, using the search bar under Product name.
3. Select Plan batch on the top menu.


4. Select a date for production.

Note - you can only plan a batch for today’s date or a future date.



Tracking batches

Ongoing batches

To track your ongoing batches, simply go to the Prep tab. Your ongoing batches will appear under In progress. You will see the following details about the batch:

  • Name of the batch
  • Expected yield
  • Date and time the batch was started.


Note - select Finish batch when the batch production is done. This will allow you to enter the Actual yield then the batch will be placed under the Batch History tab.


Scheduled batches

Still under the Prep tab of Produce, your future scheduled batches will appear under Planned. You will see the following details about the batch:

  • Name of batch
  • Expected yield
  • The date when the batch is planned to be made


Note - select Start batch when production starts. This will then place the batch under the In progress section.


Frequently Asked Questions


What products can I make batches from?

Only products with recipe type In batches will appear in the Create a batch page. Products with Made to order recipes will not appear here. 

When a product has been selected, the batch recipe will pre-fill into the Create a batch page (like in the gif below).



When I make changes to a batch, will this change be reflected automatically?

In Produce, all users within the company can view the most updated batch in real-time - no need to refresh!


What happens when I finish a batch?

The two levels of update are stock levels and cost. Learn more about how this happens in this separate FAQ guide.


Can I delete the record of a prepared batch?

All records of prepared batches are locked from editing,


What's my next step?


Control the cost of your recipes. Check out this guide on Managing your recipe cost & profit.

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