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Integration - Me & U

We’ve all had our fair share of dining frustrations - busy waitstaff, uninformative menus that lead to disappointing meal choices, and long waiting times to order/reorder/pay. These experiences can lead to customers leaving, never to return. 

But with Me&u, you can say goodbye to all these dining frustrations. Provide in-app ordering to give efficient and consistent service - so that customers keep coming back. The smart menu acts as an attentive waiter for each table, helping customers put together their meal. Customers can view a tailored menu based on their dietary requirements, customer reviews, and recommended meal pairings (a.k.a upselling for you.) Ordering, reordering, & payment is just a tap away on your customer’s mobile device.

If this sounds good to you, then you’re in luck. Lightspeed POS integrates with Me&u so you can manage Me&u orders with ease.


What’s in this guide?

Before you begin
Get in touch with Me&u for setup
Process Me&u Orders on Lightspeed
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

You will need a paid Lightspeed plan.


Get in touch with Me&u for setup

1. From the Add-ons Page in Lightspeed Back Office, find the Me&u add-on.


2. Enable this Add-on by selecting the orange Enable Me&u button


3. It will take you to the Me&u webpage where you can fill out a form to get in touch with Me&u.


Note - you’ll be able to have the beacons set up and your menu uploaded to Me&u with the help of a Me&u rep.


Once everything is set up, you can begin receiving Me&u orders straight from Lightspeed POS.


Process Me&u Orders on Lightspeed

1. When an order comes in from Me&u, you will hear a beep sound and the Orders tab will turn orange, showing an updated number of orders. (see image below).


New order tiles will flash with an orange border, like the leftmost order tile below:


2. After you’ve opened the Me&u order, you can either Accept or Reject the order.

  • Accept - select Accept to send the order to the kitchen/bar
  • Reject - select Reject if you need to stop the order from being made.


3. If new items are added to the order, you will see this prompt on POS - even if you are in another order.


Once you tap the prompt, the order will open. New items are labelled on the order summary when you see them for the first time. (see image below)


4. Customers have their card linked to the Me&u app so they can pay in-app. They can also choose to approach the register to pay using other means.

Note - In case customers forget to pay in-app before leaving your venue, you can process the Me&u payment from POS - even after customers have left. Simply select Check Out like normal and select Me&u as the payment type.

Success! You’ve just processed your Me&u order.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for this integration?

A paid subscription for both Lightspeed and Me&u is required, but there is no extra cost to integrate them. To get more information on pricing, you can reach out to Me&u by filling out this short form.

Do customers need the Me&u app for this?

Customers would need to have the Me&u app installed on their phone to be able to place orders from their phone. The app is available from Google Play & The App Store. 

Can customers pay using another payment type (e.g. cash, gift card, QR code, etc.)?

Yes. Even if the order was placed through Me&u, the customer can still choose to not use Me&u’s in-app payment and instead pay through other means by approaching the register. Simply check out like normal then select the payment type you’d like to apply.

Note - Do NOT select the Me&u payment type on POS because this will trigger the Me&u in-app payment. This is only advisable to use if the customer has left the venue and had forgotten to finalise the payment on their app.

Are variants compatible with Me&u?
Yes. You can sell products set up as variants through Me&u.

Now that Me&u is set up, what else might I do?

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