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Payments Integration - iZettle

iZettle has a native integration with Lightspeed POS that provides a fast and secure workflow for processing card payments.

This guide will walk you through the steps of enabling this add-on and processing a sale with iZettle.

Still investigating your EFTPOS solution?  If you are still investigating which EFTPOS Integration is best suited for your business, you can look at the Lightspeed Payments page or Talk to a Payments Expert.



What's in this guide?

Before you begin
Enable the iZettle Payment Integration
Pair your iZettle card reader with  POS
Process a Sale with iZettle on POS
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

Setting up the integration to take payments via iZettle is easy. Make sure to have your account with iZettle set up. You will also need;

  • Stable Internet connection
  • Your card reader on hand - either iZettle 1 or iZettle 2
  • Your POS device
Note - iZettle card readers can only pair with iOS devices with bluetooth.
Note - This add-on is only available in the United Kingdom.


Enable the iZettle Payment Integration

1. From the Add-ons Page in Back Office, find the iZettle add-on.


2. Enable this add-on by clicking on the orange Enable iZettle button.



Pair your iZettle card reader with POS

There are minor differences in pairing iZettle Reader 1 and iZettle Reader 2. Make sure to know which device you are using and refer to the notes below.

1. Make sure that the Bluetooth of your iPad is switched on. Then turn on your iZettle Reader.

Note - If you are using iZettle Reader 1, you would first need to pair this device to your iPad via Bluetooth. iZettle Reader 2 does not need this step.

2. Then, to trigger POS pairing, you would need to start an order then select Check Out.

Note - You don’t need to process the entire sale, but you need to do this step to trigger the pairing.

3. Select iZettle under the payment types.


4. You will be asked to log in to your iZettle account using your email address and password.


Note - if you are using iZettle Reader 1, skip to step 9 after this step. The steps for iZettle Reader 2 continues below.

5. Once you’re logged in, your POS would prompt that no card reader is connected. Select Connect card reader.


Note - if it keeps loading after this step, check the Bluetooth on your POS device.

6. Select the kind of iZettle card reader you would like to pair.


7. You will be shown the detected devices. Select the device you want to pair. If you have multiple devices, you will be able to recognise individual card readers using the numbers on their screen.


8. A confirmation number will appear on your POS and on your card reader screen. Make sure they match. 

Then select Confirm on your POS and select the checkmark button on your card reader.


Please wait until the card reader is set up.

This sometimes can take a few minutes if the device is updating.


9. Once the card reader is set up, you’ll be brought back to the transaction. (Processing a sale is discussed in the next section). 

Note - If you only started this sale to kick off the POS pairing process, you can exit the sale at this stage by selecting Cancel.



Process a Sale with iZettle on POS

If you haven’t paired your iZettle card reader to your POS device, you need to do that first. Otherwise, let’s continue with processing a sale.

1. After entering the order items, select Check Out like usual.


Note - the elegant & power-saving dark mode is now available on POS. Check out this guide on how you can activate it.

2. Under payment types, select iZettle.


3.  You will be given the option to tap or insert the customer's card followed by a prompt for the customer to enter their PIN. 

Note - Swiping the customers card is also an option which will prompt for a signature.
Note - If inserting the card you will be notified when you can remove the card once the payment is successful.


4. Then, you will be prompted to let the customer sign on the screen. After the customer has signed, select Continue and the payment is done.


It’s really that easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which iZettle card reader do I have?

In this guide, we mentioned the iZettle Reader 1 and iZettle Reader 2. If you’ve just signed up with iZettle and received the card reader, you most likely have the iZettle Reader 2 which is currently the latest version. 

Find out more on iZettle’s webpage.


How much will this integration cost?

A paid subscription for both Lightspeed and iZettle is required, but there is no extra cost to integrate them.

Read - Can you afford to accept only cash in the near future?


How does the iZettle Reader talk to Lightspeed?

iZettle is one of the easiest payment solutions out there. It connects to Lightspeedvia Bluetooth.


How do I report on Sales by Payment Type?

Payments Dashboards on Insights allows you to easily report on the payment types used in your business, see payment trends, and see which payment types are the most popular. Drill down for more details or to see trends for specific payment types, by site, and most importantly, trends over time.

How do I reset the device's settings?

  1. Press 1-3-7-9-1-3-7-9 quickly after each other
  2. Press 2 to go to Settings, press OK
  3. Press 2 until you get to ‘Bluetooth’, press OK
  4. Press 2 until you get to ‘Master Reset’
  5. After 3 seconds the reader makes a loud beep
  6. Restart the reader then the reader is in pairing mode ready pair to a new device
Note - this procedure erases all mobile devices that are in the Bluetooth memory of the reader. To re-pair to a previously paired iOS device you must first ‘forget’ or ‘unpair’ the reader in the iOS device's settings.


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