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Set up Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty

With Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty (powered by Marsello), you can combine data-powered marketing automation with your own personal touch to encourage more customers to be repeat shoppers.


This guide will walk you through the steps of enabling this add-on and connecting Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty to POS. Once connected, your customer data will start syncing automatically, customers will be able to earn points (as well as other activities), and start to claim rewards via Kounta POS.


What’s in this Guide?


Before you begin
Enabling the Marsello integration
Setting up Loyalty in Marsello
Processing a sale with Marsello
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin


You will need:


  • A Lightspeed  POS plan or higher
  • Access to your  Back Office
  • A Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty plan


Enabling the Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty Integration


  1. From the Add-ons Page in Back office, find the Lightspeed Marketing & Loyalty add-on

  2. Enable this add-on by selecting the orange Enable Marsello button



  1. You will then be taken to the Marsello website where you can either create an account or log in.


Note - In the future, you can select the Configuration tab from the Marsello add-on page to be redirected to the Marsello website.

Note - Even just the free trial of Marsello can be connected to Lightspeed POS - so feel free to give that a try.

  1. If you are just creating your Marsello account, you will be prompted to connect your store. Select Connect beside Lightspeed.


Then, you will see this dialogue box. Make sure that the right company is selected then select Grant Access.

  1. You will be taken to this page where you can check the store name & mobile number. You can also choose your industry, indicate your theme colour, and upload your logo. Then select Save and continue



  1. You will be taken to the homepage of Marsello. Select Integrations from the left side of the screen. Then, select POS & eCommerce sites.


  1. You will see the sites you have under that company. Beside the name of the company to be linked, toggle the button to ON.


  2. Next, make sure that the customer details have synced through by checking the Customers tab on Marsello.

    Note: This initial sync can take up to an hour depending on the size of your database.


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Marsello to your POS. 

You are now ready to use Marsello to grow your business. 


Setting up Loyalty in Marsello


So now, Marsello is integrated to your Lightspeed and your customers are synced through as discussed in the previous section


In this section, we will cover all that you need to set up for your loyalty program and how they translate to the Kounta POS experience. All of these settings can be found under the Loyalty Tab on the Marsello webpage:


Loyalty Widget | Earning Points & Referrals | Rewards | Notifications | VIP Program | Settings 


A. Loyalty Widget

No need to convince customers to get an app. The loyalty widget is accessible from notification emails (to be discussed later) sent to your customers. From the loyalty widget, customers can see how many points they have and what rewards they can get. 

This page is where you customise your loyalty widget.



  • Toggle button - switch this ON to enable the loyalty widget.
  • Theme colour - you can either select a colour by clicking on the coloured tile or enter the code of the colour you want to use.
  • Layout - you can select one of the template layouts.
  • Font - you can select from the available fonts.
  • Customise text / Translation - this allows you to go to text editor where you can enter your own text for the loyalty widget.


B. Earning Points & Referrals


This is where you can set up the conditions of how customers can earn points through various actions like spend, creating an account, completing a profile, having their birthday, engaging with you on social media, and referring friends.



  • Edit - this allows you to adjust the number of points you’re going to give to an action plus other details supporting that action.
  • Toggle button - switch this to ON to activate the mechanism for earning points.


C. Rewards


You already set up how customers can gather points. In this section, you will be able to specify what those points mean in the form of rewards. Rewards can be in the form of discounts or freebies.


  • Add Reward
  • The reward title - select this to be able to edit the reward, view the edit history of the reward, and see how many customers have had this reward.
  • Toggle button - switch this ON for the rewards that you want to make available.


D. Notifications

Now that the mechanism for gaining points and the equivalent rewards are made, we can tie this up with automated emails. Let customers know when they’ve earned points, when certain rewards are available for them, if they’ve gotten a special discount for referrals, if their points are about to expire, or if they’ve reached a different membership/tier.  


  • Preview & edit - this takes you to a page where you can preview, edit, and send a test email.
  • Toggle button - to activate the automatic notification, switch this to ON.

E. VIP Program

Loyal customers love to feel valued. Whether you would like to create multiple VIP/membership tiers with different perks or simply want to reward your repeat customers, it’s easy to configure this on Marsello’s VIP program. 


  • The tier tabs - this is where you can see the tiers you have, as well as the option to add new tier/s.
  • The tier’s point-earning mechanism - see how this tier earns points when they make a purchase.


    • Edit -  Select this to change the tier name and how many points a tier gets for every dollar spent
      • Note - For the “Member” tier, if you would like to edit their points per dollar spent, you would be redirected to the Earning Points & Referrals tab. This is because it’s already the lowest tier. For the next higher tiers, you will be able to create separate points per dollar spent so you won’t need to go to the Earning Points & Referrals tab.


  • Toggle button - you will see two here. One is to activate the entire VIP Program and the other is to activate the individual rewards for the “Member” tier.


  • Rewards under the lowest tier - these are the same as the ones under the Rewards tab. Selecting the name of the reward will take you to the same page under Rewards tab where you can edit the reward, view the edit history of the reward, and etc.
  • Create an additional exclusive reward for customers in this tier. Add reward - This is only seen in tiers higher than the “Member” (i.e. the lowest tier). Once you select Add reward, you will be asked to enter the details of the exclusive reward. When you’re done, the reward will be listed under the higher tier where you added it from. It is also saved under the Rewards tab where you can also edit it.
    • Pro tip - Add an indicator for exclusive offers on the reward title (e.g. “- VIP”) this makes it easier to spot the exclusive rewards once it’s saved on the Rewards tab.


F. Settings

This tab contains general settings, as well as settings for when points are rewarded and when they expire.

It also has reward settings, so you can easily exclude specific products or categories, or if any already discounted products from earning points.

Note-  You can choose if you want  to exclude the tax from earning points too. 


Processing a sale with Marsello


  1. Select  Add customer from the order summary on the right side of Lightspeed POS. For new customers all you need is their first name and email or mobile number.

  2. Once the customer is added, you will see the customer’s current points and available rewards under the Marsello tab. If there are rewards available, this is where you can redeem them.



Note - You will need to redeem the reward after all items have been added. More than one reward can be redeemed per order.

Note - After completing the order, the reward redemption will be processed. Points will either be deducted (if redeeming a reward) or applied (if earning points from the transaction).

Note - depending on your notification settings, the sale will trigger a notification email to be sent.

It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for this integration?

Integration is free! You will of course need to subscribe to Marsello’s service as well as ours.


How do I search for a Marsello member in Lightspeed?

Please refer to the Processing a sale with Marsello section above.


How do I contact Marsello?

You can contact the Marsello team by heading over to


How do I enrol customers to Marsello?

All you need to do is add your customers to Lightspeed. After this, they will be automatically included in your Marsello loyalty program. They can even start earning points from their very first purchase.


What else can I do to create an even better customer relationship and loyalty strategy?



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