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Enabling Pass-Thru Printing

Let your orders go straight to production.

As the name suggests, Pass-Thru Printing allows orders to pass through without the need to be approved manually by your staff. This is super helpful during peak periods when you need all hands on deck and nothing slowing you down.



What’s in this guide?

Please Note: PassThru Printing requires the Register assigned as the PassThru Printing register to be online & open on the POS to send a PassThru Printing order.


Before You Begin

You’ll need: 

  • A Lightspeed POS Plan
  • A subscription with one of the following:
    • Lightspeed Delivery
    • Lightspeed Ordering
    • me&u
    • Mobi2Go 
    • Mr. Yum


Enabling Pass-Thru Printing

  1. Select Features in Back Office

  2. Select Pass-Thru Printing

  3. Select "Enable Pass-Thru Printing"
  4. Open the Configuration tab to choose your Pass-Thru Register.Screen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_10.06.17_am.png              
  5. Make sure your register remains logged in after each sale. This can be done by going to Sites, Devices and then Register Workflows. Make sure you select "Go to Sales Page" on Finalise Sales Option. 1.png
  6. Also make sure "Never" is selected on Automatically Log Out on POS when Inactive. Screen_Shot_2020-11-27_at_2.12.05_pm.png


A Note on Lightspeed Ordering

Please contact your account manager at Lightspeed to arrange Pass-Thru printing for picks up and table orders. Unfortunately, this cannot be done for deliveries at this moment in time. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my POS trigger an audio notification if I have PassThru enabled?

An audio notification will not be triggered if PassThru is enabled. If you would like to have an audio notification on POS for your orders, you'd need to disable PassThru printing so that they reach POS in the submitted state. With PassThru disabled, you'd need to accept/reject the orders when they reach POS to allow them to print. 

If I enable the PassThru Printing add on, will all of my orders automatically print?

Most integration partners will need to enable PassThru printing on their side as well, it's best to consult your Account Manager before enabling PassThru Printing. 


I've enabled PassThru printing but my orders aren't printing?

For PassThru printing to work, the POS device that is dedicated as the PassThru register needs to be unlocked and have the Lightspeed Kounta app open at all times. Minimising the Lightspeed Kounta app will result in the POS appearing offline to the integration partner so the POS can't be minimised at any time otherwise the orders will fail to print. 


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