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Using Safe Check-in


Note: Service NSW and Service Victoria require patrons to use their own QR Code check-in systems, this is not compatible with our Safe Check-In add-on.

You can find our more information on the QR Check-In Service for NSW and Victoria below.




Welcome back your dine-in customers safely & securely with an easy to use, low touch way to collect all visitors contact details.

Collect contact information from your staff, customers and any other visitors who may enter your venue safely and securely while maintaining privacy. 

By capturing this data, you are helping everyone continue to fight against the spread of COVID-19 through contact tracing.



What’s in this guide?

Enabling Safe Check-in

  1. Select Features in Back Office


  2. Select Safe Check-in


  3. Select Enable Safe Check-in


  4. Open the Configuration tab to download and print your unique QR code

    You can display your QR code in multiple locations around your venue for easy access

    • At the front counter for takeaway customers
    • At every table where customers can sit
    • Back of house for staff to use
    • In delivery areas for suppliers

    Ensure that the code is accessible by anyone visiting your venue to easily scan and pass on their details.


How to use Safe Check-in






Note: Data from customers who opt-in will be made available soon in a future update

Customers will be given the option to check in another guest, making it easy for one person to check in several guests. Ideal for families and groups with people who are not as comfortable with technology.

Staff will be able to see the total number of guests that have been checked from the success message.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is contact tracing?

Contact tracing is being used to understand how the virus is spreading in a community and has two purposes:

  • Figure out who a sick person caught an illness from
  • Find out who they’ve been in contact with while infectious

This is crucial in maintaining control and stopping the spread of COVID-19. Federal and State governments have taken a strong stance on contact tracing after seeing success in other countries where it has been implemented.


What do you do if you need to provide data to the authorities?

We will ensure that the data is provided to the authorities in line with regulations and so that the necessary action can be taken ASAP.

How can you maintain your customers' privacy?

Your customer’s information is safe and secure.

All records will be deleted, but only after the required period of time dictated by state governments.

These records will not be visible to anyone onsite.



What about security compliance?

Lightspeed has been managing customer data for years and is fully compliant with required standards. Which means you don’t have to worry about keeping records, making sure they are not misused and that they are disposed of properly.


Where is the data stored?

All personally identifiable data captured through Safe Check-in is kept in Australia.


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