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Group Ordering

With Group Ordering everyone can order and pay for their order and you can send one docket to the kitchen for the whole group.

With less mistakes and an easier way to serve everyones food at the same time, seamless service just got easier.




What's in this guide:

Before you begin

Enable Group Ordering

Choosing Registers

Using Group Ordering on POS

Refunding an Order from a group


Before you begin

You'll need:

  • A Manage or Extend POS Plan



Enable Group Ordering

  1. Select Features in Back Office


  2. Select Group Ordering


  3. Select Enable


Choosing Registers 

Now that Group Ordering has been enabled, you will have access to it's Settings


1. Select Settings


2. Select registers Group Ordering applies to:


Note: Any register that is required to take a group orders, needs to be selected.

3. Make sure you hit Save Changes




Using Group Ordering on POS

You can easily start a group order before or after you have entered items, because we know customers don't always let you know before they start ordering.

1. Select Start Group Order



2. Proceed to take the order and Checkout as you normally would.

You will be given the following options:



You will now be able to see the total number of paid orders in this group and view them if an orders need to be confirmed.





3.2d.jpg Note: When adding a note to a Group Order, this will be at the top of the docket for all orders in the group. Notes added to individual items will only appear against their relevant order.


5. To complete an order, select Finish and Print



This can be done from the main POS screen as well



Refunding an order from a group


1. Open the POS menu in the top left, then select history



2. Choose the desired day or date range and select filter



3. Select an order, then Refund Sale



Note: All orders in a group share the same group prefix 


4. Confirm by selecting the Refund Sale button



5. Choose which items need to be refunded



6. Choose a reason (if you have Refund Reasons enabled), then a payment type to complete.



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