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Integration - Mr Yum

Take control of your ordering with Mr Yum and Lightspeed Kounta POS!

Mr Yum gives you simple, yet surprisingly powerful menu for table-ordering, pickup and delivery workflows that go to your POS, or if you prefer straight to your barista, bar and kitchen.

With freed from running orders and takings payments, thanks to an always up to date digital menu and contactless payments. Staff can focus on your guests to help them feel even more welcome and order that extra espresso, glass of wine, slice of cake or extra sides that are the cherry on top of a great experience and help you boost guest spend.

With no app download required, your guests can be placing their first order in 30 seconds!!



What's in this guide:

Before you begin

Enabling Mr Yum

Connecting Mr Yum to Lightspeed Kounta POS (needed?)


Order lifecycle

Reasons for red/rejected orders


Setting up modifiers 

Best Practice 
Pass Thru on  (no reject workflow)


Up-selling with Mr Yum

Setting up paid 

Location (dine in)

Controlling delivery 


Pre-orders (only sent to POS) 

Promoting your menu with customers 

Order notes sent to production 

Set up for / Self Service workflows

Set up for / Dine in workflows

  • Tracking table orders and availability 
  • Adding orders manually (add another order to the table or suggest they order on the app)


Set up for / Order ahead and Delivery workflows 






Before you begin

You'll need:

  • An active Lightspeed Kounta POS plan
  • An active account with Mr Yum
  • Pass-Thru Printing enabled to avoid manually accepting orders 


Enabling Mr Yum

  1. Select Integrations in Back Office


  2. Select Mr Yum


  3. Select Enable 


Connecting Mr Yum to Lightspeed Kounta POS

From the Mr Yum back Office

  1. Go to Venue Details page, in POS Vendor field, select KOUNTA , and click Save button


  2. After this you will see Authenticate Mr Yum with Kounta. Select this link and you will be redirected too a Lightspeed Kounta page where you can Grant Access to your POS


  3. If everything goes as correctly, you will be redirected back to Mr Yum Back Office, select Next to proceed


    You will be taken to the Venue Detail, POS tab and your Mr Yum account is connected to your Kounta account, but you will still need to choose which Lightspeed Kounta Site the current Mr Yum venue should represent.

  4. From the Kounta Site drop-down list, please select the correct Kounta Lightspeed site, then click Save



Download and import your menu


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