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Setting Up Guest Check-Ins on Lightspeed Ordering

With state regulations, it's imperative that you set up Guest Check- Ins. Lightspeed Ordering uses QR codes to deliver safe, contactless orders.

Comply with your state's regulations by using Guest Check-Ins. The moment a customer walks in, s/he scans your QR code, checks in and can even make orders. How good?

And to top it off, this service is also free of charge.

So don't just stand there! Check in your guests by implementing this guide. 



What's in this Guide?


Setting Up Guest Check-Ins

1. Click "COVID-19in Lightspeed Ordering Venue Manager.

2. Enable Guest Check-In.

3. Click Generate check-in QR code

4. Download and print your QR code. 



The Customers' Experience

We've designed a simple form that can be completed in seconds. Once customers have finished entering in their details, they're sent to your online menu.



Accessing Check-Ins' Data For Contact Tracing 

We all very much hope that this process won't be necessary for any of our venue partners, but should it happen our team is prepared to provide complete and prompt support. 

In the event of contact tracing being initiated at your venue: 

Simply send a request to, including:

  • Dates for which the check-in data is required.
  • A copy of the original request from the government/council official you are working with.
  • Contact email and number for the government/council official.

Our Priority Operations team will promptly and securely share the requested check-in data directly with the contact tracing agent. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with the collected check-in data?

Government authorities have set requirements for the minimum amount of time this data must be stored for. This is to ensure that it is available in the event of a confirmed case. Lightspeed Ordering will securely store this information for a minimum of 28 days and a maximum of 56 days. Once this time period has elapsed, the information will be safely destroyed. 

Check-in data will not be visible to anyone at your venue. It will be solely used for mandated contact tracing if initiated by a government agency or official. 


What about data protection and security compliance?

Given the services we provide for online ordering and payments, managing this kind of data in a manner that is secure and compliant with all required standards is a core part of our standard systems and processes. 


Does the customer have to check-in before viewing my menu?

No, they can skip check-in if they want to view the menu first. They can re-open the check-in form at any time by clicking the Check-in button on your menu. 


How do I confirm a guest has checked in?

Once check-in is complete, the guest will see a confirmation on their screen. They can easily re-open this confirmation by clicking the green Checked in button, shown on the top of your menu. 


What happens to my QR code if I disable Guest Check-in?

Any QR codes that you have printed or displayed will simply behave as a normal menu. 


Will this work in my branded web ordering app?

Yes it does! We will make branded QR codes for you. 


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