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Advanced Settings on Lightspeed Ordering

Want to Be Advanced When It Comes to Using Lightspeed Ordering

Want to become a pro and learn about Lightspeed Ordering's advanced settings? Check out this guide and you'll become a wizard in no time!



What's In This Guide?


Open Times for Special Dates and Holidays


The Always Online Setting

If you'd like to allow your customers to submit orders at any time and schedule them during your opening hours, you can use the Always Online setting. 



  • Your venue's times must be configured correctly to reflect physical hours.
  • At least one of your order types must allow scheduling.


  • The Always Online feature is not SUPPORTED on mobile iOS and Android apps. 
  • The Always Online feature cannot be restricted to certain categories. 


Configuring Order Fees

It's possible to apply surcharges to customers' orders. Examples include venues' service fees, delivery fees and surcharges on public holidays. 

Complete the following steps to set up Fees:

  1. Go to FEES on Lightspeed Ordering's Venue Manager and click + Add Order Fee.             mceclip0.png                                                                                                                                                                                        
  2. Enter in the following details:                                                                                        
    • Description
      • Venue Service Fee
      • Delivery Fee
      • Public Holiday Surcharge
    • Order Type: Ensure that the appropriate order type is used here. 
    • Fee: Type: % or flat fee $
    • Value: The value of the fee in % or $

How are Fees Displayed to Customers?

Fees are shown to customers at various points, including the order preview and checkout screen.

It's important to note that for some fees, such as delivery fees, won't be shown until the customer has selected that as their order type and provided a delivery address. 


App Review and Checkout Display



Online Cart and Checkout Display




We advise against the use of surcharges on all orders to cover payment processing costs as this disincentivises customers. Allowing customers to order and pay in advance creates various operational efficiencies for venues and we don't believe customers should be penalised for ordering this way. Consider adjusting your overall pricing instead to account for this cost. Venues charging fees of this nature may be excluded from Lightspeed Ordering's in-app promotions such as New on Lightspeed Ordering and Favourites


Accessing Subscription Invoices

If your venue's on our old monthly subscription plan, you'll be able to access your invoices on Lightspeed Ordering's Venue Manager

  1. Go to Lightspeed Ordering's Venue Manager.
  2. Go to the Billing section, under Profile.
  3. You will see a list of past invoices at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click Download Invoice to obtain a copy.


Change of Ownership

Two procedures are needed to transfer ownership. 

  1. The departing owner will need to handover the login email and password on Lightspeed Ordering's Venue Manager to the new owner. When the new owner logs in for the first time they should review the VENUE INFO page to ensure its up to date. 
  2. Each venue is linked to a Stripe account which holds the business's bank details. Typically in ownership transfers,  bank information needs to be changed so it's best to have the new owner  connect to a new Stripe account. Below are the following steps: 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a discount that waives the delivery fee?

You can create a discount code of the same value as the delivery fee which can be applied to orders but fees themselves are not eligible for discounts. 


Can I set a fee to  apply to orders under a certain value?

Unfortunately this isn't an option at the moment. 


Can I set a fee to only apply on a certain date or day of week?

Unfortunately this isn't an option at the moment. 


What happens if I setup multiple fees?

It's possible for orders to have multiple fees so please consider this carefully when setting them up. 



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