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Refunding Orders from Lightspeed Ordering

Need to Give a Refund? 

All orders are prepaid. The process for refunding an order depends on whether they're new, accepted or closed. In this guide you'll learn exactly how to do that. 


What's In This Guide?


New Orders 

If the order hasn't been accepted, you can simply Reject it at the bottom of the order. This will prompt a refund back to the customer's card. 




Accepted and Closed Orders

Accepted orders can only be refunded once they've been marked as Ready or Closed. Once an order's been closed, you can use these steps to process a refund. 

  1. Open History on the POS. 
  2. Locate the order using its time or the order's notes. These include the customer's name, "Lightspeed Ordering" and the 4-character app order code. 
  3. Open the order.
  4. Tap Refund Sale at the bottom of the order.
  5. In the main section of the screen, tap the  Refund Sale button.
  6. In the model that appears, tap the Refund All option. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Are partial refunds possible?

No. Refund All is the only option that can be used to process refunds.


How long is the default History range on the POS? 

The default History range is 7 days. If you need to refund an order that's more than a week old, , please adjust the date range and you'll be able to find it. 


Are refunds instant?

It's important to note that refunds are not instant. It can take a few days for the funds to return to the customer's account. 


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