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How to Manage "New", Failed and Cancelled Orders on Lightspeed Delivery?

You've worked so hard to get orders! Don't get any more stress processing them!

The last questions you probably want to ask yourself are: 

  • Why are these orders still "new"? 
  • Why did these orders fail?
  • I know the order's been cancelled. How do I get rid of it? 

In this guide, you'll be given a breakdown on these issues and how you can resolve them. 



What's In This Guide? 


"New" Orders

If orders from a particular channel/s still say "New", this is probably because the setting "has Liteserver" is not correct. This setting helps translate channels' receiptIDs to cloudIDs on Lightspeed Delivery. 

You can resolve this issue by:

  1. Going to Accounts and then Locations.
  2. Correcting the "has Liteserver" setting.


Failed Orders

Common reasons why orders fail include: 

  • Payment types are not configured properly for channels.
  • Pass-Thru printing has not been set up properly for channels
  • Typos. 
  • New items being added on Lightspeed Delivery without a PLU (Nearly all PLUS are automatically generated and synced to Lightspeed Delivery, however, this could be a rare exception). 
  • Products not syncing correctly. 
  • Discount products being added on Lightspeed Delivery but not on Lightspeed. 

You can resolve these problems by:

  • Contacting your account manager to fix your payment types and Pass-Thru printing. 
  • Fixing typos and PLUs.
  • Syncing all products. 
  • Adding discount products to Lightspeed and then syncing them. 

Once this is done, you can "Retry" the orders that failed on Lightspeed Delivery or push them through on the POS. 


Cancelled Orders

When orders are cancelled, you must press "Reject" on the POS. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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