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Feature Update: Price Lists

Looking to schedule a public holiday surcharge in advance?

Include specific discounts to Categories that also apply to Option Sets & Modifiers?

Or maybe you want to customise different promotions for different venues?


If that’s music to your ears, we’ve got a symphony in store for you. In addition to fine-tuning our interface to make it more seamless and intuitive, we have three big updates that will change the way you approach Price Lists.

1) Scheduled Price Lists

You can now schedule discounts or surcharges for a specific date (or range of dates) well ahead of time – this is especially useful for public holidays or seasonal promotions.


So in addition to scheduling a recurring discount/surcharge (10% surcharge on beers every weekend), you can now schedule a one-time offer/surcharge for a specific date (‘10% surcharge on 2nd of April). 


What happens if I have 2 Price Lists scheduled for the same date?

There is a smart rule where you can set a ‘priority’ of which Price List should apply over another.

For example, you have a recurring Monday Special ($5 off Main Course) but you’ve also scheduled a public holiday surcharge for Easter Monday. What happens then?

When scheduling your Price Lists, you can easily specify that your public holiday surcharge has ‘priority’ over any recurring promotions. So your POS will reflect the priority Price List and your staff wouldn’t need to manually key in the surcharge with every transaction.

2) In-depth Price Lists

Discounts and surcharges to specific categories in Price Lists will now be automatically reflected in Option Sets, Modifiers, and new Products.

This means your staff no longer have to manually key in offers / surcharges within the Products, your POS does it for you!

For example:

Your customer orders a flat white with almond milk. Your public holiday surcharge will apply to both the product (flat white) AND the modifier (almond milk). The same logic applies to Option Sets as well. 

Only the categories you select will be affected, so you can easily exclude a Category (such as retail merchandise) that you don’t want impacted by discounts or surcharges. 

3) Tailored Price Lists 

If you have multiple venues, you can now tailor specific discounts/surcharges for different venues, simultaneously.

This means, one venue can run a lunch special on a weekend while another venue has a weekend surcharge. Similar to the update above, your staff would not have to manually key in the updates, it’ll be automated on your POS based on the venue. 


Ready? Set. Forget!

With these updates, you can organise your Price Lists well in advance factoring in public holidays, ad hoc promotions, or optimising specials based on venues.

You can incorporate this to your monthly, quarterly, or even bi-annually planning and have the peace of mind that Lightspeed POS will be serving up the right Price Lists at the scheduled times for the right Products.


No more awkward billing moments

Lightspeed POS automating discounts will put an end to uncomfortable silences or prompts when the discount your guests expect isn’t reflected in their bill.

Your staff can now confidently serve the bill with complete peace of mind that they haven’t forgotten to update the bill with a special or discount.

We’re here to help

To help you get stuck into it, we’ve produced a step-by-step Support Guide. And, as always, your Account Manager is just an email away and 24/7 Support are available on chat if you hit any obstacles.

That’s it for now beautiful folks, till next time!

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