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How to setup wine with Lightspeed Produce

Whats in this guide?

This guide will show you how to use recipes to tie your bottle of wine product to your glass of wine product so that every time you sell a glass of wine it decrements from your bottle of wine stock.

  • Configuring the product settings of your stocked product

  • Configuring the product settings of your sold product

  • Setting up your recipe to link your glass of wine to your bottle of wine product


Configuring the product settings of your stocked product

1. First thing we'll need to do is configure the product settings of your stocked/purchased wine item. To do this navigate to Back Office>Products>Search for your stocked/purchased wine product>Click the cog icon on the right hand side of the product to go to the product settings page of your stocked/purchased item. 


2.  Configure the measured section and input the total volume of a single unit of your bottled wine 

3. Next, scroll down to the cost price field and enter in the cost price of your bottled wine(this cost field depends on how the wine is purchased) and hit save to save the changes.
Note: If you are using Lightspeed Purchase, another cost field will be automatically generated when the item is received in a purchase order.

4. After you've filled in your measured section and cost price, head over to the Accounting section by selecting the Accounting tab at the top of the product details screen

5.  In the Accounting tab, you'll need to configure whether the product is ;sold, purchased or stocked.

As I will be selling, stocking and purchasing the 'Pepperjack Shiraz 2014 - Bottle' product, I've switched the 'I buy', 'I sell' and 'I stock' buttons to yes and hit save. 

Note: Ignore the 'Cost of Sales Account', '


7. Next we'll need to head to the Inventory tab to input how the item is purchased. The wine in this example is purchased in individual. Be sure to hit save at the bottom of the page to save the changes. 


8. Once you've saved hit the 'Back to Search' button to take you back to the products page



Configuring the product settings of your sold product.

1. We've now configured our stock product, now we need to configure our sold product/s.
Click on the cog to take you to the product settings of your sold wine variant.


2. Enter in the measured volume of your glass of wine and hit save at the bottom. 


3. Navigate to the Accounting tab and configure the 'I Buy', 'I Sell' and 'I Stock' buttons

As I only sell a glass of wine, I've switched the 'I Stock' and 'I Buy' sliders to no


4. Navigate over to your Inventory tab > select the dropdown next to 'This product is' and set it to 'Made Here' > Hit save at the bottom of the screen


5. After saving, you'll notice that a new button has appeared on the Inventory page that says 'Manage Recipes' > Click on this to head to the recipe page


Setting up your recipe to link your glass of wine to your bottle of wine product

1. You should now be in the recipe page for the wine glass product.
Note: If you aren't automatically taken to the recipe page for your wine glass product(as displayed below) you'll just need to just hit the 'Create recipe' button in the top right corner of the Produce page and select your wine by glass product. 


2. Next, add in your wine bottle product as an ingredient and enter the ml's that will get deducted from the wine bottle ingredient when a wine glass is sold:
Note: Your cost, gross profit and sell price on the recipe will be blurred out if you don't have an active Lightspeed Produce subscription.


Congrats you're all sorted. Your glass of wine is now set to decrement from your bottle of wine. 



How do I change my stock settings in bulk?
You can change your inventory product settings in bulk via a csv import, more details here.
Please note: Recipes cannot be added in bulk currently, but we are working on making this happen!

How do I view my current stock on hand? 

To view your current stock on hand, head to Back Office>Inventory section and click 'Stock on hand' at the top of the page 


How do I add in stock? 
Stock can be added either via a Stock Count or via a Purchase Order

Where does stock on hand number come from?

The number of inventory items under Current Quantity is generated by Lightspeed.

This is collated from received purchase orderswastage, and sold items or sold items’ recipes.

This is how it’s derived:

Current Quantity (Stock) =  Received purchase orders - Wastage - Sold items or sold items’ recipes

My stock looks incorrect, what do I do? 

Reach out to to assist. 

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