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Why didn't the payment from my payment integration complete in Lightspeed?



Payment Integrations work by communicating with Lightspeed to receive the sale amount from Lightspeed to process on the payment terminal and to complete sales in Lightspeed without any manual input required by the customer.

What causes some sales to remain open on Lightspeed Kounta POS?

Payment Integrations like Tyro, Smartpay, Westpac etc work by completing their integrated payments in a series of steps.


Sale is entered into Lightspeed POS


The Integrated Payment button is selected to send the amount to the payment terminal.

When this happens: Lightspeed Kounta POS will contact the server of the Integrated Payment provider letting them know the transaction amount.


The sale amount appears on the payment terminal ready for the customer to process.

Take payments with Tyro – Timely

The customer will complete the payment and 'Approved' will show on the payment terminal.

When this happens: The Integrated Payment provider will send the confirmation that the transaction has been approved and Lightspeed will close the sale as paid on that payment method.

Refunding surcharges with Tyro on your iPad – Lightspeed Retail

The entire transaction process from Lightspeed to the Integrated Payment terminal and then back to Lightspeed is 15 seconds, if your network were to drop off during this time the transaction would remain open in Lightspeed.

What should we do to prevent this from happening?

The occurrence of a sale remaining open in POS when completed successfully on your payment terminal is extremely rare, if it is something that occurs regularly at your site, this may be a result of your network setup. We have a great guide here that takes you through troubleshooting your network.

You can also try changing the DNS on the device you use for your Lightspeed Register, here are the steps to do this on iOS

How to change my DNS Address on iOS Devices?

How do we close the sale in Lightspeed?

If you have a sale that remains open in Lightspeed but has completed as approved on your Integrated Payment terminal (Eg: Tyro) you can use a Manual Payment Button, such as 'Tyro Offline' to close the sale in Lightspeed so it's recorded.





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