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How to capture Tyro logs


Tyro has a native integration with Lightspeed POS to provide a faster, more secure and accurate workflow to process EFTPOS payments across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and, Mac).

From time to time you may be asked to provide us with Tyro logs, here's how to do it.


Follow these steps


Step 1 - Go to the POS Menu, then click Add-ons then click Retrieve Tyro Logs



Step 2 - Click the 'Display Data' button. If we have asked for logs on a failed transaction this must be done immediately after the failed transaction; if you process another Tyro sale the logs will be gone.
(Note: Do not click 'Send to Tyro' unless specifically requested to do so)



Step 3 - Once the data appears, you need to copy and paste the data. This process differs slightly between iPads, Androids, or Chrome but the basic idea is to highlight the text - and then either right click (in Chrome) and then click "copy" so that the information is stored.



Step 4 - Ideally, the next step is to email this data to (just start writing an email then "paste" the data in). Alternatively you can also send it to us in chat. 
Click the Help & Support button on the bottom left corner of the screen, then click 'Talk to the Support Team'

From there, right click in the chat window (or on iPad, tap and hold) then click Paste to insert the data. Let the chat agent know that these are Tyro logs for your current ticket and the agent can update the ticket for you.



That's it! You're done!

Our team will take it from here.

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