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Setup Zebra CS3070 Barcode Scanner

The Zebra CS3070 barcode scanner connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and allows you to scan your items wirelessly. 

Please note we only support this scanner on iOS devices.

Full steps can be found on page 1-21 of the Product Reference Guide that Zebra supply with the scanner, the guide can also be found here.


Pairing to an iPad

- Press the scan button to wake the scanner.

- Using the same button, scan the 'Reset Factory Defaults' barcode found on page 3-4 of the Product Reference Guide that came with the scanner.


- Next, scan the HID Bluetooth Profile



- Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the Scanner for 5 seconds, it should beep and then start blinking, which indicates it should appear when the iPad searches for Bluetooth devices.



- On the iPad, go into Settings, then Bluetooth. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on then under 'Other Devices' select your scanner when it appears.



- It may give a prompt requesting you to enter a Pin Number on the scanner. You will need to go to page 1-24 in the reference guide included with the scanner and scan in the numbers that match the pin.





Once you have entered the final digit then scanned 'Enter' you should be good to go!




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