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My sales data isn't accurate in Insights Live



Insights Live helps keep you in the know, so we rely on this data to be accurate and up to date. If you're experiencing issues with your sales data appearing in Insights Live, here are some things you can check.


Trading Hours & Timezone

Insights Live uses your trading hours and timezone settings to determine which sales data to show, you can check that this is accurate by updating this information in Site Information


Open Orders

Insights Live will include any sales data from your Open Orders, this is based on the date & time that each open order was created. Back Office Reports & Insights reports on the web don't include open orders so if you compare reports while trading and you have open orders, you will see differences. 


Insights Plan

Insights Live requires a Paid Insights plan to be able to view data beyond the current day, if you would like to upgrade your Insights Plan you can do so by heading to the following page


If you're still seeing issues with your Insights Live data after checking the above, please reach out to our Support Team by selecting the ? anywhere in Lightspeed and selecting 'Speak to the Support Team"


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