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Lightspeed Bump Screen (powered by Bump-It) - Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently Asked Questions

Lightspeed Bump Screen helps streamline order efficiency with multiple digital bump screens including support for a pass screen. Read on for answers to some common questions on Lightspeed Bump Screen (by Bump-It).


Why is my Bump-It Screen Read-Only?

When you're adding a device in Lightspeed Bump Screen, this can only be done on the Device and Network you intend to use for your bump screen, this is because we assign the Bump-It permission based on the IP address of the device when added. 


If the device is connected to a different network or hotspot the IP address will change and therefore lose access to the subscription. 

To fix this;

  • On your device go to settings (11 tiles)
  • Devices
  • Remove the device
  • Re-add the device.
  • Don't forget to enable the bump permission by toggling it on.

Why are no products showing on my Bump Screen?

In order for products/dockets to show on your bump screen these products need to be ticked to display. 


This can be done under 'Views'.  You can have multiple views depending on how many Bump screens you have in the venue.  Views will not automatically tick new products as products could be within the same categories that display on multiple bump screens. 


If you add a new product in Lightspeed, you'll need to tick this to display on Bump-it.


Can you view the bump times for products on your Bump Screen?

You are able to view the Bump-It times in the Reporting section inside your Bump It settings.

This includes;

- Time it took to be bumped

- Product Name

- Time the bump docket was received.

- The time it was eventually bumped.




Does Bump-it support AUDIO notifications?

Bump-it supports audio notifications and is ENABLED by default.


If the audio is not working, you can check Bump-it settings from Views. Ensure that the Mute Sound is set to NO. Navigate to Views > Modify View > Alert settings >MUTE SOUND is NO. 


The audio volume is set by the device so ensure the device is not set to Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb (i.e. on the iPad) from the Control Centre. Another thing to check is if the Bluetooth is connected to other bluetooth audio devices, make sure they are disconnected. 


If the venue requires a louder noise than the tablet volume, a $15 bluetooth speaker from your local store (i.e. Officeworks) is a really good option.


Can sent orders be changed from the POS?

Yes. First, there will be a notification to alert that there has been an update, then the docket will update. 



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